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Poutine Cravings: Belgian Fries on Commercial Drive

When it comes to poutine, I must admit that I am a purist.  I really just want a classic poutine with fresh freshly made fries, squeeky cheese curds and well-seasoned gravy.  In the past, I have taken a more adventurous route by trying more inventive poutines with creative toppings like kalbi beef, crispy chicken and even kimchi.  But I never want to reorder those ones as I find their flavours too complicated in my opinion.  The heart wants what it wants – and that is, a traditional poutine.

belgian fries commercial drive

Now living in the Downtown Vancouver, there are quite a few poutineries within reach.  I’ve been to La Belle Patate, Mean Poutine, Frites on Granville and Fritz.  A popular place for poutine that I had not been to (but has been around since 1999) is Belgian Fries on Commercial Drive.  While I was in the neighbourhood this past summer, I decided to try Belgian Fries and order simply a classic poutine.

My small, classic poutine was $6.50 and came steaming hot.  The fries are fresh cut apparently and they were nicely crispy and not burnt.  The cheese curds weren’t super squeaky and were perhaps a bit bigger than I would like.  I like smaller, dainty cheese curds.  The gravy was well-seasoned and not overly salty.  Portions were reasonable for the price.

As for the interior, there’s not much to write about.  Spacious interior with ample seating.  I came here for the food so the interior wasn’t a big factor for me.  Hence, the lack of photos.

Overall Impression of Belgian Fries

The poutine from Belgian Fries was pretty good and I would give it a solid 4/5.  It isn’t good enough to make me leave Downtown for it but if I were in the neighbourhood I could see myself indulging in their poutine again.

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Belgian Fries
Address: 1885 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC
Website: ‎

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