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About Foodgressing

Foodgressing is a food, travel and lifestyle brand sharing news and reviews on restaurants, products, travel and local happenings. Founded in 2014 by Areta Wong, a food and travel enthusiast. is an independent blog that is solely owned and operated by Areta Wong and does not receive any financial backing from any external parties or investors. All social media channels @foodgressing are grown organically – that means, no bought followers, no bought likes, and no bought engagement of any sorts.

What is “foodgressing”?

The basic meaning of the latin root “-gress” is “to step.” In conjunction with “food,” foodgressing to me means “moving towards food.”

I coined the term “foodgressing” to represent my constant search for my next great eat!

About me

My name is Areta and I was born and raised in Richmond, BC, Canada.  

My foodie background starts from coming from a family of great chefs.

My grand-father and father both owned and ran restaurant businesses in Canada in the 1970s and 80s.

I consider myself a food enthusiast.  I am not a professional food critic nor do I have a culinary background.

I simply enjoy trying out different foods, photographing them, and sharing my food experiences with others.

This blog highlights my adventures with food along recommendations on the best restaurants, food products, and food events.

Why I Blog

Writing about food has been an ongoing passion of mine.  I had been a Yelp Elite member and contributor to Dinehere, Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor for many years.

I also have a love of photography and creating websites which I had been doing since I was 17.

I started in December 2014 which merged all my passions and am currently a full-time blogger & influencer.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia with Bachelor and Master’s Degrees (Bachelor of Science – Double Major Cell Biology & Genetics + Chemistry and Minor English; Masters Degree in Health Administration). Super long, I know!

In terms of culinary training, I completed the “Basics in 8: A Culinary Skill Building Series” – a 32 hour program at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

I currently reside in Vancouver, BC Canada with my husband, two young sons and dog.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for wanting to learn more about me!

Happy reading!