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Epic Dim Sum Feast at Victory Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant Victory Seafood

Disclosure:  I was invited by to attend a complimentary media tasting at Victory Seafood Restaurant.  Opinions are my own.

Most of the time when I visit Crystall Mall, I head straight to the food court for some quick eats.  Victory Seafood Restaurant is one sit-down restaurant that I have passed by frequently (on my way to the food court) but have never tried.  Recently, I had the opportunity to taste a wide selection of dim sum dishes offered by Victory Seafood Restaurant at a media event.

Grandiose Dining Area

When I entered Victory Seafood Restaurant, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the grandioseness of their space.  Floata in Chinatown still has got much square footage on them, but for a restaurant inside a mall, it is sizeable.

Crystal Mall Victory

Dim Sum Menu

Victory Seafood Restaurant’s pricing is more line with a more upscale dim sum restaurant.  Dim sum prices are as follows: small ($4.49), medium ($4.99), large ($5.79), special ($6.50), chef’s special ($7.49).

Victory Seafood Restaurant menu

Victory Seafood Menu Restaurant

What We Tried

Check out my video of our table full of dim sum dishes:

The 37 dishes that we had included:

  1. Victory’s shrimp dumplings
  2. Steamed mixed meat & mixed vegetable dumplings
  3. Mixed meat & shrimp dumpling in cordyceps flowers broth
  4. Glutinous rice rolls with laver
  5. Steamed mixed mushroom dumplings
  6. Steamed pork dumplings
  7. Steamed pork ribs with taro & garlic
  8. Steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce
  9. Steamed beef tendon in Chu Hau sauce
  10. Steamed beef balls with orange peel
  11. Steamed Shanghai style juicy pork dumplings
  12. Steamed pork stomachs and preserved veggies in black pepper sauce
  13. Steamed sticky rice in lotus leaf
  14. Steamed BBQ pork buns
  15. Steamed chicken feet & pork ribs
  16. Steamed bean curd wraps with mushroom & pork in abalone sauce
  17. Steamed rice with chicken & black mushroom
  18. Steamed rice with pork ribs & chicken feet
  19. Pan fried Chinese pancakes with cured meat & leek
  20. Pan fried lotus root cakes
  21. Deep fried dumplings with shrimp & minced prok
  22. Deep fried shrimp spring rolls with garlic
  23. Pan fried radish & shredded taro cakes
  24. Deep fried dumplings with pork & dried shrimp
  25. Pan fried Shanghai dumplings
  26. Deep fried traditional honeycomb taro dumplings
  27. Steamed rice rolls with minced meat & Chinese donuts
  28. Steamed rice rolls with crispy deep fried fish paste
  29. Steamed rice rolls with beef & oarsley
  30. Steamed rice rolls with supreme fresh shrimps
  31. Steamed rice rolls with mushroom & vegetable
  32. Steamed plain rice rolls
  33. Steamed red rice rolls with shrimp
  34. HK style milky egg tarts with ginger sauce
  35. Baked BBQ pork buns with crust topping
  36. Golden BBQ pork pastries
  37. Smoked salmon with fruit salad sauce tarts

Victory Seafood Restaurant Crystal Mall

Crystal Restaurant Victory

I tried several items but definitely not all as I had gotten very full.  In general, I thought that the dim sum I tried was good.  I quite enjoyed the Golden BBQ pork pastries which had a nice flaky pastry shell and juicy BBQ pork filling.  Victory’s shrimp dumplings were on point with plump and meaty shrimp fillings with a slightly crispy texture.  The wrapper was thin, translucent yet firm.  The steamed rice rolls that I tried (supreme fresh shrimps, mushroom & vegetable, and crispy deep fried fish paste) had a nice smooth, silky texture with a savoury filling.  The steamed BBQ pork buns were soft and fluffy on the outside with a moist and sweet filling.  I enjoyed having the pan fried lotus root cakes plain rather than dipping into a sauce; they were crispy in texture.  The pan fried Chinese pancakes with cured meat & leek were just okay and not too greasy.

Rice Roll Victory

Dim Sm Victory Restaurant


I thought that the steamed Shanghai style juicy pork dumplings could improve with a juicier filling.  The smoked salmon with fruit salad sauce tarts was my least enjoyed dish – the sweet flavours of the fruit salad with mayo did not go well with the smokiness of the salmon.

Smoked Salmon

Overall Impression of Victory Seafood Restaurant

All in all, I thought that Victory Seafood’s dim sum dishes were good though perhaps priced on the higher end.  Of the dishes I tried, there were certainly more dishes that I enjoyed than disliked.  Rating: 3.5/5


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