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Tim Hortons Ice Cream: Flavours, Where to Buy

Tim Hortons’ signature flavours will soon be available in your freezer. Tim Hortons Ice Cream is a collection of five ice cream flavours inspired by Tim Hortons’ most beloved and popular menu items.

Tim Hortons Ice Cream: Flavours, Where to Buy

Tim Hortons Ice Cream Flavours

The Tim Hortons Ice Cream lineup includes:

  • Salted Caramel Iced Capp
  • Double Chocolate Donut
  • Birthday Cake Timbits
  • Apple Fritter
  • Fruit Explosion

Tim Hortons Ice Cream is proudly created in Canada in collaboration with Shaw’s, an ice cream producer based in Tillsonburg, Ont., and is made with 100% Canadian dairy.

These new ice cream pints are bursting with inclusions like caramel, apple and chocolate donut pieces.

Where to Buy

Tim Hortons Ice Cream will be available at grocery stores across Canada in the weeks ahead, including at Co-Op, Loblaws (Maxi, No-Frills, Real Canadian Super Store, Provigo, Loblaws Great Food, Fortinos and Your Independent Grocery), Longo’s, Metro (Ontario), Sobeys/Safeway and Walmart.

Canadians can already pick up Tims soups, breakfast cereals, granola bars and, of course, make-at-home coffees and other hot beverages.

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Saturday 26th of March 2022

these are bloody awful, way to sweet and creamy and lacking flavour... Tim's can't even make decent coffee recently, not surprised the ice cream is garbage... not worth the money... if you want good icecream, stick to ben and jerry, haagen-daz... the best though.. Kawartha <3 it


Monday 6th of February 2023

@Kishka, this mf lying to y’all it’s the best ice cream i’ve ever had fr