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Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules

For only the second time in history, you will have the chance to play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2021 (now known as Roll Up to Win 2021) again this year, starting September 20.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win  Prizes, Dates, Rules,

The best part? This Roll Up to Win 2021 will have the largest prize pool ever.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win  Prizes, Dates, Rules,

Prizes for Roll Up to Win 2021 Part 2 include 2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline vehicles, vacations, electronics, gift cards and subscriptions, plus nearly 12 million coffees, 4 million donuts and 45,000 $25 Tim Cards and more. Details below.

Roll Up to Win 2021 Dates

Roll Up To Win 2021 returns starting 12:00:00 a.m. ET on September 20/21 and ends on October 17/21 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Roll Up to Win 2021 Prizes

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win  Prizes, Dates, Rules,

Grand Prizes

ARV = Approximate Retail Value

(a)15,907,540 x Coffee and Food grand prizes, ARV $0.99 – $5.79 CAD each

(b) 10 x Volkswagen Taos Highline with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Package and Alloy Wheel Package, ARV $38,195 CAD each

(c) 150 x 2-night weekend getaways (awarded as Hilton Be My Guest Certificates valid for 2-night hotel stay, excludes transportation to/from destination point), ARV $866 CAD each

(d) 10 x week-long (6-night) vacations to select Hilton international resorts, ARVs range from $5,867 CAD to $11,774 CAD each, depending on resort (flight portion of each getaway awarded as $2,000 CAD gift card)

(e) 100 x $1,000 CAD American Express® Prepaid Gift Cards

(f) 50 x Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphones, ARV $1,129.99 CAD each

(g) 250 x Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches, ARV $296 CAD each

(h) 50 x Xbox Series-S Consoles, ARV $380 CAD each

(i) 1000 x Xbox Forza Horizon 5 Standard Edition video games, ARV $80 CAD each

(j) 1,000 x Home Hardware $100 CAD digital Gift Cards

(k) 300 x Parkland $100 CAD Fuel Cards

(l) 50 x Cineplex ‘Free Movies for a Year’ Premier Card prizes (admission for 1 person, once per day, for 1 year), ARV $1,250 CAD each

(m) 25,000 x Cineplex General Admission Theatre Pass vouchers (valid for 1 general admission ticket), ARV $12.99 CAD each

(n) 10 x 1-year Crave subscriptions (with Movies + HBO + STARZ and SUPER ECRAN), ARV $359.60 CAD each

(o) 750 x Skullcandy Crusher Evo™ headphones, ARV $199.99 CAD each

(p) 200,000 x SN NOW 3-month sports streaming subscriptions, ARV $104.97 each

(q) 20,000 x $20 CAD Uber Eats eGift codes

(r) 1,000 x The Athletic 1-year subscriptions, ARV $71.99 each

(s) 45,000x $25 CAD Tim Card® Gift Cards

Standard Prizes

(a) 200,000 x The Athletic 3-month subscriptions, ARV $29.99 each

(b) 500,000 x 40% off discount codes (ARV depends on value of eligible items purchased)

(c) 4,000,000 x $20 CAD digital promo codes

(d) 100,000 x $10 CAD Crave promo codes

(e) 100,000 x Cineplex Store digital rental codes (valid for 1 digital movie rental), ARV $6.99 CAD each

(f) Tims Rewards points (consisting of 5-Tims Rewards points), ARV depends on reward(s) obtained and will vary depending on winner’s redemption level and rewards options in effect at the time of redemption (for example, 70 points may be redeemed by a registered Tims Rewards participant for an eligible brewed coffee or tea [ARV $1.54 – $2.19 CAD each], or eligible dream donut, bagel or baked good [ARV $1.29 – $2.39 CAD each], based on menu item prices in Ontario, excluding taxes)


How to Play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2021

You earn one or more Rolls on each eligible purchase by scanning for Tims Rewards using your Tim Hortons app or physical Tims Rewards card.

What Menu Items are Eligible for Digital Rolls?

The following categories of menu items earn one digital roll:

  • All hot beverages (excluding espresso shots)
  • All cold beverages (excluding ready to drink beverages like milk, pop, and juice)
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Breakfast wraps

The detailed list of items eligible for a digital roll include:

  1. Hot beverages: Small (10 oz.), medium (15 oz.), large (20 oz.) and extra-large (24 oz.) (excluding espresso shots and added espresso shots)
  2. Cold beverages: Small (10 oz.), medium (15 oz.), and large (20 oz.) (excluding ready to drink drinks like milk, pop, and juice)
  3. Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap (bacon, sausage or egg, and cheese)
  4. Grilled Breakfast Wrap (bacon, sausage or egg)
  5. Bagel BELT® (bacon or sausage)
  6. Grilled Breakfast Sandwich (bacon or sausage)
  7. Breakfast Sandwich (English muffin, biscuit, bacon, sausage, or egg and cheese) 
  8. Simply Sausage Breakfast Sandwich
Roll Up the Rim 2021 by Tim Hortons Prizes, Dates, Rules, Winners

There is no limit to the number of rolls you can earn and every roll wins.

For example, if you bought two medium coffees, a donut, and a Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap, you would receive three Rolls (two for the coffee, none for the donut (as it is not eligible), and one for the breakfast wrap).

Also new this year through Roll Up To Win, you can also receive a Roll for each eligble item you purchase when you place an order for delivery directly through the Tim Hortons app.

Orders placed through third-party food delivery apps will not earn Rolls.

No Purchase Necessary Method

To obtain Rolls without making a purchase, you can send a FREE request in writing on a plain white piece of paper, including:

  • Your first name, last name and email address
  • A statement indicating whether the request is for:
    • One Roll; or
    • If there is an active Bonus Offer open for participation at the time such Roll Request is postmarked, one Roll and Bonus Digital Rolls (up to a maximum of three Bonus Rolls; depending on the highest number of Bonus Rolls that may be earned in connection with an active Bonus Offer at the time the applicable Roll Request is postmarked).

Mail the fully completed request (in an envelope with sufficient Canadian postage) to:

Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win 2021 Contest, PO Box 12305, Saint John, NB E2I 5E7 (collectively, a “Roll Request”).

Upon receipt of a Roll Request in accordance with these Rules (as determined by the Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion), you will be provided with either:

  • One Roll, if you requested One Roll; or
  • One Roll and Bonus Rolls (up to a maximum of three Rolls; depending on the highest number of Bonus Rolls that may be earned in connection with an active Bonus Offer at the time the applicable Roll Request is postmarked), if you requested one Roll and Bonus Rolls and there was an active Bonus Offer open for participation at the time such Roll Request was postmarked.

The Digital Roll(s) received in connection with an eligible Roll Request will be delivered via an email (to the email address you provided as part of your Roll Request) that includes a unique URL that you must click-on, and then the entrant must follow the on-screen instructions to access the Digital Roll(s) via his/her Account.

For certainty, Roll Requests that do not indicate an email address will be ineligible to receive the unique URL.

To be eligible, Roll Requests must be postmarked during the Contest Period and received by October 17, 2021 and received by October 24, 2021. Limit of one Roll Request per envelope with sufficient postage.

Tim Hortons is not responsible for late, lost, stolen, misdirected, delayed, incomplete, damaged, destroyed, late or illegible Roll Requests or Unique Roll Links (all of which are void).

How do I get my Digital Rolls? 

Once your order is completed, a digital roll will appear in your account when you log in at or open the app.

If you forget to scan your digital or physical Tims Rewards card before paying for your purchase, rolls cannot be retroactively added to your account.

Can I Earn a Roll When I Redeem a Coffee Prize or Use my Tims Rewards Points for an Eligible Menu Item?

No. Products received by redeeming Roll Up to Win Prizes, Tims Rewards points, or Tims it Forward gifts are not eligible to earn Digital Rolls.

Is There a Limit on How Many Digital Rolls You Can Earn?

There is no limit to how many digital rolls you can earn in Roll Up the Rim 2021.

How do I Roll the Rolls?

To reveal the Roll, you need to:

  1. Log into your account through the Tim Hortons App or at
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and correctly answer a skill-testing question 
  3. Click “Roll Now” to reveal the Roll

See below if you want to play but don’t have a cellphone.

How to Play When You Don’t Have A Cellphone

You can still play when you don’t have a cellphone.

You can earn digital rolls by scanning your physical Tims Rewards card at the time of purchase.

You still have to register your physical Tims Rewards card at

Once you have registered, you can link that card at in order to reveal your digital rolls when you log into your account.

Unlinked cards can still accumulate Rolls. Your Rolls will be waiting for you until you create an account and link your physical card online.

How Long Do I Have to Open My Digital Rolls?

All digital rolls for Roll Up The Rim 2021 must be revealed on or before November 3/21 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

How to Send Rolls to Friends

You can send a Roll to someone else by sharing a link

The recipient must log in to their Tims Rewards account in the app or online and follow the on-screen instructions to redeem the digital roll and reveal their Prize.

The person who revealed (rolled) the Roll gets to keep the Prize. All rights to a prize are forfeited when you send the roll to a friend or family member. 

You can also reclaim an unrevealed Roll you’ve previously shared by clicking “Reclaim Roll” in the Roll Up Rundown section of the app or

How to Redeem Prizes

Where to Find Your Prize Coupons and Instructions

After revealing your Roll (through the Tim Hortons App or at, you will be provided on-screen instructions on how to redeem your Prize.

Coffee, Donut, and Reusable Cup prizes will be issued in the form of a coupon (which requires activation) in the “My Offers & Rewards” section of your Tims Rewards account.

Tims Reward Point prizes will automatically be added to your Tims Rewards account and can be redeemed in-restaurant.

Tims Rewards Points and Tim Card Prizes will be automatically credited to your account after winning. In rare cases, you may receive your digital Tim Card via email.

Many digital prizes will be emailed to you immediately following your win. These include Crave, SN Now, Spotify Premium, and The Athletic digital subscriptions, and Cineplex®, Home Hardware, Skullcandy, Uber Eats, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate digital gift cards / codes.

How to Activate Prizes before Redeeming

Coffee, Donut, and Reusable Cup prize coupons must be activated in the “My Rewards & Offers” on the home screen of the Tim Hortons App or online at

Once activated, the Roll Up the Rim 2021 prize will be redeemed automatically the next time you purchase the respective item and scan your Tim Hortons app or physical Tims Rewards card (or order via the Tim Hortons app).

How Long Do I have to Redeem a Prize?

All coffee and food prizes must be claimed by November 10/21 (all other prizes are subject to their respective prize claim deadlines).

Can I Earn and Redeem a Prize Within The Same Transaction?

Prizes must be revealed in the app or online before they can be redeemed, meaning a free coffee or donut prize can only be redeemed during a later visit.

Digital rolls will not be earned on products received for free by redeeming a Roll Up to Win prize won earlier, Tims Rewards points, or a Tims it Forward gift.

Eligible purchases made in the same transaction as a free prize redemption are still eligible to earn digital rolls. 

About the Tim Hortons App

The Tim Hortons app serves an important purpose, allowing you to pre-order before you get to the restaurant so your coffee and food can be ready when you arrive.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 by Tim Hortons: Prizes, Dates, Rules, Winners

In recent months, they have added new features to the app including Tims It Forward – a digital twist on the Pay It Forward.

Complete Roll Up the Rim 2021 Contest Rules

Check out for more information. Complete contest rules for Roll Up The Rim September 2021 coming soon.

Tim Hortons also has a Roll up the Rim Frequently Asked Questions.

More Tim Hortons 2021 News…

Tim Hortons has released their top priorities for 2021. Here are some highlights as to what to expect from the company this year:

The brand launched freshly cracked eggs as another massive new improvement that will take the breakfast you already love to a whole new level.

Roll Up the Rim 2021 by Tim Hortons: Prizes, Dates, Rules, Winners

Supporting communities is an integral part of Tim Hortons and you will see much more of it in 2021. Tim Hortons’ annual fundraising traditions like Camp Day and Smile Cookie raised $11 million in 2020 and there will be more in 2021.

2021 will see major improvements in Tim Hortons drive-thrus as they continue to digitize the experience with digital menu boards and better Tims Rewards integration.

In 2021, they’re also ramping up delivery ordering directly through the Tim Hortons app.

To support sustainability, Tim Hortons has ended the practice of double cupping, which is expected to eliminate the unnecessary use of more than 200 million cups per year.

They’re also phasing out plastic straws in their restaurants, which will eliminate around 300 million pieces of plastic over the next year.

Tim Hortons is now serving a new and improved Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee which is brewed fresh from 100% premium Arabica beans for a bolder and richer flavour.

Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee Relaunched 2021

The Dark Roast has subtle notes of chocolate, cedar and even hints of fruit and floral characteristics.

Tim Hortons has released their list of top Tim Hortons donuts and coffee in Canada for 2020. Can you guess which are the favourites?

Top Tim Hortons Donuts and Coffee List Canada: Price, Calories

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Friday 29th of October 2021

I don't drink coffee. I did not get my rolls from buying coffee. Do you have to get coffee with the coffee prize? I got six rolls and won 5 coffees. :(


Thursday 21st of October 2021

This is fu--ing stupid! I don't have a smart phone and I hate stupid technology! I just bought coffees from Tims and I can't participate in the wins! Please, let me roll up the rim!

CM MacIsaac

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I can't roll up the rim on keeps saying 3 easy steps but wants my credit card this necessary? Is there another way to find out what I won?