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Gary Patisserie Shoutao Bao Cake with Fresh Mango Filling

At-home birthday celebration with Gary Patisserie cake shaped like a Shoutao Bao – 寿桃包.

Gary Patisserie Shoutao Bao Cake

Shoutao is a fictional longevity peach and legend has it that it grants you immortality if you consume it.

Gary Patisserie Shoutao Bao Cake

Shoutao Bao is a type of lotus seed bun made to resemble the longevity peach and is sometimes has a red bean paste or lotus paste filling.

It is typically consumed at birthday celebrations to wish the birthday person a long life.

We ordered this cake along with a fresh mango filling.  It’s a beautifully created and delicious mango cake.

Gary Patisserie Shoutao Bao Cake

This cake starts at $90 and there is an additional cost for fresh mango. In total, it was $100.

Other filling choices are Original Vanilla Sponge; Chocolate Sponge; Red Velvet; Carrot Cake; Chestnut; Purple Yam; Fresh Fruits; and Fresh Durian.

Gary Patisserie Shoutao Bao Cake

P.S.  I appreciate how Gary Patisserie babies his mangoes to optimal sweetness without needing to add sugar and sweeteners.

To check out other places for a mango cake, see my post on Where to get a Mango Cake in Metro Vancouver.

I have also ordered a Rose Cake from Gary Patisserie before if you’d like to check it out.

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