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Ganache Patisserie: Wedding Cakes & Croissants

Ganache Patisserie is one of Yaletown’s longstanding businesses specializing in French pastries and desserts.  It was opened in 2003 by pastry chef, Peter Fong, who was inspired to open a pâtisserie after visiting France.   The key ingredient in Ganache’s menu is chocolate and more specifically, Cacao Barry chocolate from France.

I had come to know many years ago about Ganache Patisserie when they had a reputation of being *the* premier wedding cake designer in Vancouver.  At that time, I was planning my wedding and Ganache Patisserie was featured in Vancouver’s top end wedding publications like Real Weddings, Wedluxe and Perfect Weddings.  They seemed like the best place to get a dream wedding cake.

Now, I inquired about obtaining a wedding cake from them but alas their pricing was outside my budget at $9 a slice.  Considering the number of guests I had and their slice per person cost, I decided to go with another vendor.  I hadn’t tried their cake at that point and it wasn’t until recently that I managed to try out a few of their offerings.

Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates

Last fall, I visited Ganache Patisserie for the first time during Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates Yaletown Brunch event.  At that time, I sampled their Pain au Chocolat, Brioche aux Pommes Amandes, Blanc Frasier, Sable Breton and Raspberry Vacherin.  While everything was tasty, I didn’t think that it was representative of the best of what Ganache Patisserie can offer.  What they seem to be really known for are their cakes!

Last month, I decided to revisit Ganache Patisserie and try a few of their cakes: Chocolate-Banane and Matcha-Exotique.


A chocolate and banana flavour seems like a simple combination but Ganache manages to take this to the next level.  The cake had a dark chocolate mousse, caramelized bananas, praline crunch, and hazelnut dacquoise.  The cake was luscious and was very smooth and silky in texture.  There was such a perfect balance between the chocolate and banana flavours; you could taste each of the flavours.  To top it off, the praline and hazelnut really added some nice crunchy textures and beautiful nutty flavours.  Bravo.

Ganache Patisserie Yaletown


Vancouverites love green tea and ideally, every bakery in Vancouver should have one green tea item.  At Ganache Patisserie, they have the Matcha-Exotique made with green tea mousse, passionfruit-mango gelee, lychee and a black sesame biscuit joconde.  The green tea flavour was distinguishable while the black sesame flavour was less prominent.  The passionfruit-mango really added some wonderful, citrus flavours to the dessert.  The mousse texture was on point being silky and pillowy.

Ganache Patisserie Yaletown

Plain Croissant

I also tried their plain croissant which was very good.  It had a lovely golden, crispy exterior and nice inner, flaky layers.  I found their croisant to be a tad denser than say the croissants from Beaucoup Bakery which are more light.  Still satisfying nonetheless.

Ganache Patisserie Yaletown

Overall Impression of Ganache Patisserie

I quite enjoyed the French baked goods and desserts by Ganache.  I personally would revisit for their wonderfully executed and creative cakes rather than say, croissants and cookies.  A recommended place to try in Yaletown.  Rating: 4.5/5

Ganache Patisserie
Address: 1709 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA

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