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Samurai Japanese Restaurant Review

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There is no shortage of sushi restaurants along Davie Street.  When I walk past Samurai Japanese Restaurant, however, I always notice that it is busy.  There would be people coming out with takeout or a line up of people inside waiting for a table.  It was only recently that I decided to give this sushi place a try.  Below are my experiences from two visits.

Small and Casual

Samurai Japanese Restaurant is a small and casual eatery.  The lighting is dim inside.  You can also sit at the bar and watch the sushi chefs at work.

Samurai Japanese Restaurant Davie Dine In

Samurai Japanese Sushi

On the first dine-in experience, I had the Victoria roll ($6.50).  It had prawn tempura, yam tempura, and tempura chips.  The tempura was nice and crunchy.

Samurai Japanese Restaurant Davie Victorial Roll

I also ordered the salmon avocado roll ($4.50).  The avocado and salmon seemed fresh.

Samurai Japanese Restaurant Davie Salmon Avocado Roll

On a different occasion, I tried the crunchy roll (left) and Vancouver roll (right).

Samurai Japanese Restaurant Davie Thurlow

The crunchy roll ($4.50) had an interesting texture because it contained soft shell crab.

Samurai Japanese Restaurant Davie Vancouver

The Vancouver roll was California roll with smoked salmon on top ($4.90).  It tasted pretty much what you would expect from its ingredients.

Samurai Japanese Restaurant Davie Sushi

Big Portions

Samurai is known for their large portions of sushi.  I had just a few pieces from my order and I was done.  I had to take the rest home as takeout.

In terms of the sushi quality, I would have to say that it is just *okay*.  It was definitely not the best tasting, but still edible.  The items are priced well for the portions.  The sushi rolls had a good proportion of rice to other ingredients, so it was not all just about the rice.

Overall Impression

If you are looking for cheap and large-sized sushi and are not too picky in terms of quality, then you might want to try Samurai Japanese restaurant.

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