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McDonald’s Rewards 2021 Canada: MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

Does McDonald’s have a rewards program?

McDonald’s Canada just refreshed customer loyalty program to MyMcDonald’s Rewards where you earn points for certain McDonald’s menu items like coffee, burgers, donuts and ice cream cones.

McDonald's Rewards 2021 Canada MyMcDonald's Rewards Program

How do you get Mcdonald’s Rewards 2021?

To start collecting points towards the free items, you will need to download the McDonald’s app and set up an account.

You earn points on all hot beverage and fries purchases.

You get points automatically when you order using the McDonald’s app.

If you order in person at a the restaurant or use the Drive Thru, you will need to present your 4-digit code from the McDonald’s app.

You can link your credit card details to the app so you can pay with a 4-digit code when ordering.

What are McDonald’s Rewards 2021 levels?

The rewards are organized by tier which you need to unlock by earning more points.

There are 5 Tiers (2,000 pointsl 4,000 points; 6,000 pooints; 10,000 points; and 14,000 points) and 22 different types of rewards.

Tier 1: Redeem for 2,000 points

  • Any size iced coffee
  • 2 Donuts
  • Any size premium roast coffee
  • Vanilla cone
  • Any size tea
  • Hash brown until 11 a.m.

Tier 2: Redeem for 4,000 points

  • Any size latte
  • Sausage McMuffin
  • Cheese burger
  • Any size fries

Tier 3: Redeem for 6,000 points

  • McMuffin breakfast sandwich
  • McDouble
  • Snack size McFlurry
  • Junior Chicken

Tier 4: Redeem for 10,000 points

  • Happy Meal
  • 6 chicken McNuggets
  • McMuffin extra value meal
  • Big Mac

Tier 5: Redeem for 14,000 points

  • 10 chicken McNuggets
  • Quarter Pounder with cheese extra value meal
  • Big Mac Extra Value Meal
  • McChicken Extra Value Meal

How do you get Bonus Points?

They offer bonus points opportunities to help you earn points faster.

You can earn 5,000 bonus points with your first MyMcDonald’s Rewards Purchase. That is enough for 2 Tier 1 level rewards or 1 Tier 2 level reward.

Sometimes, they have 2 x points from 3 pm – 5 pm, Monday – Friday with a minimum of $1 pre-tax purchase required.

McDonald's Rewards 2021 Canada MyMcDonald's Rewards Program

What about McDonald’s Rewards Punches?

Any punches you have will be converted into points.

For every punch, you’ll receive 300 points.

McDonald's Rewards 2021 Canada MyMcDonald's Rewards Program

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Tim Baughman

Thursday 25th of November 2021

Would rather have pop as 2000 or even 4000 point reward. (Maybe 2000 for small, 4000 for large).

Anita Bauer

Sunday 17th of October 2021

Do not want to link credit or debit card to the app. Can I still get points?