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Instagram Captions about Love, Marriage, Family, Friendship, Self-Love

Here is a list of the best Instagram captions about love to complement your picture with your spouse, partner, family member, friend, or anyone else you might love.

Instagram Captions about Love, Marriage, Family, Friendship, Self-Love

There are so many types of love including familial love, romantic love, friendship love, self love, and unrequited love.

There is the love between siblings, parents and children, people and pets, significant others, spouses, friends and best friends.

When thinking of “love”, we all usually think of romantic love. We think of Disney-fairytale love, between two people, culminating in marriage. Some giddy, butterflies in your stomach type of love.

There is unrequited love, where the one that we pine after doesn’t or can’t return out feelings.

There is familial love, which we first feel from our immediate family. It is the way a mother or father loves their child, the way we love our siblings: completely, unconditionally, with all the patience and forgiveness in the world. 

There are love notes we write to celebrate monthsaries and ones we messages on Valentine’s Day.

Love is the one thing all of us are inclined to seek out. The highs of love are so extreme and valuable that we chase them even when we’ve been hurt.

Use the list below for your inspiration to craft the perfect Instagram captions about love.

Instagram Captions about Marriage

I still get butterflies when I look at you.

They said to marry your best friend but (tag best friend) is already taken so I married you instead.

Marriage is perfectly loving an imperfect person.

Marriage has highs and lows, and you make them both an adventure.

I (still) do.

If I knew what a goof you were when we met, I’d still choose you.

Loving you is fun.

It’s gonna be a ‘yes’ from me dawg.

I love you a disgusting amount.

I promise to always try my best to give you my best.

I would marry you again.

Turns out living with my best friend is just as cool as I thought it’d be.

Marriage is being there for the cloudy days and not just the sunny ones.

We’re gonna be the old couple that sits on the same side of the booth.

Weddings are overrated, marriage is the real prize.

Love is not a feeling but a choice.

We’re two halves of the same whole.

Marriage isn’t glitzy like a fairy tale, but it’s more fun.

Having someone to hand me a new bar of soap when I’m in the shower really cannot be understated.

A good marriage is the most mundane thing in the world.

Whoever said ‘love is tender’ must have not met you.

Romantic Love Quotes

Instagram Captions about Love

We’re the same type of weird.

Nobody gets me like you do.

I only keep you around because you make me look good.

You know you’ve found the one when you agree on where to go for dinner.

If you can’t find your sweatpants it’s probably because I’m wearing them.

You are the only person who has ever thought I was funny.

Shout out to tinder for introducing me to this cutie.

Real love is predictable not chaotic.

Life is brighter with you in it.

I knew I loved you when I started sharing my food.

The cure for boredom is moving in with your significant other.

I want to be the couple that everyone else calls goals.

New flame.

You’re the best #1 fan.

I’m grateful for your bad taste in women.

It’s funny to think about who I thought you were before we met.

Living with your partner is like an endless sleepover.

Get you someone that looks at you the way he looks at me.

Can’t wait to raise a dog with you.

Loving you is the wildest adventure I’ve been on.

It’s the genuine love and understanding for me.

Me and bae.

Honestly shocked you still like me.

Need new clothes? Just get a boyfriend and steal his.

Your family makes me feel like I belong.

Super embarrassing but I have a huge crush on you.

The best thing about being in a relationship is having someone else to go get you food when you can’t move.

Te amo.

We go together like wine and charcuterie.

I’m at my best because you love me at my worst.

I used to think you were cool and mysterious.

Kelly Clarkson once said “my life would suck without you” and I really felt that.

You’re my favourite travel buddy.

Food-Related Instagram Captions About Love

Food-Related Romantic Love Captions

I like you more than pizza (most of the time).

I love you a latte.

You’re the boba to my tea.

I love you so matcha.

My heart only beets for you.

I got the hots pho you.

You’re my soy-mate.

You’re my best-tea.

You and me were meant to brie.

You’re my butter half.

You are the hot sauce to my tacos.

I love you a waffle lot.

You spice up my life.

I chew chew chews you.

You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.

You are the bacon to my eggs.

I love you from my head tomatoes.

Olive you very much.

We go together like burgers and fries.

We go together like peas and carrots.

You are the avocado to my toast.

You are the pretzel to my beer.

Love is ale you need.

Friendship captions for pictures

Friendship captions for pictures

I love you more than I love myself.

Love you like a sister.

We may not be related by blood, but we share the same heart.

Would drop everything to pick you up at 3 AM.

The best friends are the ones you can do nothing with.

Friendship ‘til the end-ship.

Y’all make me cool by association.

Our friendship is 90% memories and 10% having things in common.

My chosen family.

My most candid thoughts come out with my friends.

A friend like you is one in a million.

Can’t wait to hang out with you guys when we’re all old.

Only friends with you guys because you make me look good.

Didn’t get picked last in gym class for once.

You (can) sit with us.

Family love quotes short

There’s no love like a mother’s love.

Mom’s always tell you when you’re screwing your life up.

Grateful to my dad for answering the phone when I call him with car problems.

Loves of my life.

If my heart was a person it would be this person.

The people who bring out the best in me.

The only love that’s really unconditional.

In need of some brotherly love.

I never knew love before I had you.

Love yourself quotes

Who is she?

Golden hour is good to me.

If loving myself is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Don’t be fooled, it’s a lot of effort to be this great.

If the protagonist of Bee Movie could find love, there is hope for the rest of us.

Who needs a boyfriend, I’m taking myself on a date.

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