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PRO TIP: Use Ritual to order ahead and earn points at Gong Cha Downtown Vancouver

If you have ever gone to Gong Cha in Downtown Vancouver and have been met with a long line up, here’s a pro tip to save time: use Ritual!

Use Ritual to order ahead and earn points at Gong Cha Downtown Vancouver

Ritual is an order ahead app that allows you to order and pay ahead of time. The app is legit and I have used it to order from Gong Cha in Downtown Vancouver 12 times now (7 at Gong Cha Robson and 5 at Gong Cha Granville).

Simply use Ritual to place the order for your drink(s) along with the customizations that you want (ice level, sugar, toppings). The app will process for the payment for your order.

It usually takes just about 5 – 8 minutes for the order to be filled. I walk up to the front past the line, let the staff know I am there for a Ritual order, pick up my order and go!

With Ritual, you also have the opportunity to earn points with your purchase. You start off by earning 100 points per dollar spent but there are other ways to earn more points like first-time order (500 points), repeat visit (20 x points) and so forth. At 10,000 points, you can get a $10 credit to your account. Depending on your bubble tea addiction, this can add up quickly!


If you are planning on ordering via Ritual, feel free to use my referral link here to get $10 creditYou get $5 credit on sign up and another $5 credit after your first order. The link is:


Want to know what are the best drinks to order at Gong Cha?  Here are the top drinks posted at the Granville Street location:

  1. Royal Milk Tea with Pearl ($5.80)
  2. Milk Tea with Grass Jelly ($5.80)
  3. Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J ($6.50)
  4. Milk Foam Earl Grey Tea ($5.90)
  5. Milk Foam Wintermelon Drink ($5.90)
  6. Taro Milk Drink ($5.80)
  7. QQ Passionfruit Green Tea ($5.90)
  8. QQ Mango Green Tea ($5.90)
  9. Mango Smoothie ($5.80)
  10. Milk Foam Black Forest ($6.90)

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