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Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理 [Review]

Newly opened in Burnaby near Metrotown is Big Way Hot Pot 大味·锅物料理.

Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

Located at 7-4300 Kingsway, Big Way Hot Pot offers a fast, casual, and individual hot pot experience where you can select from around 100 items presented in display cases.

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How to Order at Big Way Hot Pot

How it works is that you pick up a bowl and tong; select ingredients to go into your hot pot; choose your soup base; and order additional drinks/desserts.

You bring your pre-cooked hot bowl to the counter where it is weighed and taken away to be cooked in the broth of your choice. The price is by weight and is at $3.68/100g.

Ingredient Options

The soup base options, which are freshly made daily and MSG-free, include:

  • Signature Ma La Tang 原味麻辣烫
  • Szechuan Green Pepper Broth 藤椒汤底
  • Tom Yum Broth 冬阴功汤
  • Collage Bone Broth 大骨浓汤
  • BBQ Sauce Broth 沙茶汤底
  • Tomato Broth 冬阴功汤
  • Peanut Sauce Dry Mix 麻酱拌
  • Ma La Dry Mix 麻辣拌

They have around 100 items to choose from for your hot pot which changes depends on seasonality and availability:

Seafood, proteins, vegetables at Big Way Hot Pot

Certain items like crayfish and abalone are priced by piece.

  • Big Way Special Chicken 秘制鸡肉
  • Lamb 羊肉卷
  • Boneless Beef 肥牛卷
  • Pork Shoulder 猪肉卷
  • Luncheon Pork 午餐肉
  • Beef Tripes 牛百叶
  • Beef Artery 黄喉
  • Black Beef Tripe 毛肚
  • Frog Leg 田鸡腿
  • Crab 螃蟹
  • Shrimp 白虾
  • Cuttlefish 墨鱼卷
  • Mussels 青口
  • Clam 花蛤
  • Basa Fish Fillet 巴沙鱼片
  • Big Way Special Fish Fillet 秘制鱼片
  • Squid 鱿鱼
  • Abalone with Shell 带壳鲍鱼
  • Crayfish 小龙虾
  • Lobster Ball 龙虾丸
  • Fuzhou Fish Ball 福州鱼丸
  • Imitation Crab Stick 蟹肉棒
  • Cuttlefish Ball 墨鱼丸
  • Beef Ball 牛肉丸
  • Pork Ball 猪肉丸
  • Chicken Ball 鸡肉丸
  • White Fish Ball 白鱼丸
  • Tempura 甜不辣
  • Grilled Fish Roll 竹轮
  • Quail Egg 鹌鹑蛋
  • Fried Quail Egg 虎皮鹌鹑蛋
  • Fish Tofu 鱼豆腐
  • Urchin Flavor Fish Ball 海胆仙桃
  • Bean Curd 腐竹
  • Fresh Tofu Skin 鲜豆皮
  • Frozen Tofu 冻豆腐
  • Chinese Doughnut 油条
  • Braised Tofu 香干
  • Konjac Knot 魔芋结
  • Cabbage 白菜
  • Spinach 菠菜
  • Cilantro 香菜
  • A Choy 油麦菜
  • Lettuce 生菜
  • Crown Daisy 茼蒿
  • Baby Bok Choy 小青菜
  • Seaweed Knot 海带结
  • Enoki Mushroom 金针菇
  • Shiitake Mushroom 香菇
  • Oyster Mushroom 平菇
  • Seafood Mushroom 海鲜菇
  • Cauliflower 花菜
  • Sweet Corn 甜玉米
  • Baby Corn 小玉米
  • Wood Ear Fungus 黑木耳
  • Potato Slice 土豆片
  • Lotus Root Skin 莲藕
  • Stem Lettuce 莴笋
  • Winter Melon 冬瓜
  • Chinese Yam山药
  • Taro 芋头
  • Bamboo Shoot 笋尖
  • Bean Sprouts 豆芽
  • Chicken Feet 鸡脚
  • Pork Intestine 大肠
  • Pork Tripe 猪肚
  • Pork Feet 猪脚
  • Pork Ears 猪耳
  • Braised Egg 卤蛋
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

Rice and Noodles

  • Crystal Noodles 水晶粉条
  • Mung Bean Noodle 宽粉
  • Vermicelli 龙口粉丝
  • Instant Noodle 方便面
  • Hand Crafted Noodle 手擀面
  • Udon 乌冬面
  • Knife Cut Noodle 刀削面
  • Rice 米饭
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

Sauce Bar

They also have a sauce bar with options like Peanut Sauce; Chili Sauce, BBQ Sauce; Garlic Paste and toppings like green onion, cilantro and sesame.


In terms of drinks, they offer sparkling teas, milk tea, canned drinks and most notably, boozy bubble teas if you wish because they have a liquor license.

You can add alcohol to your drink choice including Johnnie Walker; Jack Daniels; Baileys or Vodka.

Current Promotion

They currently have a soft opening promotion of free milk tea and free ice cream for dine-in.

My Thoughts on Big Way Hot Pot

I really enjoyed Big Way Hot Pot concept which the staff tells me is quite popular in Melbourne (which is where the owners previously lived and operated a similar restaurant).

We were greeted at the door upon arrival and shown how to collect the hot pot ingredients into these sturdy, stylish gold coloured metal bowls.

I liked the variety of the ingredients presented and they seemed to be restocked quite regularly.

Some of the more unique options were Urchin Flavor Fish Ball; Lobster Ball; Tempura; Grilled Fish Roll; Frog Legs and more.

Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

The ingredient display and dining space seemed very clean and organized.

Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

Our bowls were around $20 – $30 and we felt pretty satisfied. For one of the bowls, we had the pricier items like abalone and crayfish.

Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理
Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

Overall, I think the concept will do well in the Metro Vancouver market and would appeal to those looking for a mid-level pricing, fast casual dining experience.

This would include those who want a quick personalized hot pot, but don’t want the full-on lengthy sit-down experience of choosing the ingredients on a checklist; waiting for the raw ingredients to be prepared for you; cooking the items yourself; and so forth.

With their set-up, you can have a communal hot pot (perhaps between 2 people) or just have your own.

The owners tell me that they will be expanding soon to other parts of Metro Vancouver.

Overall, a great dining experience at Big Way Hot Pot. I recommend giving them a try.

Big Way Hot Pot Burnaby 大味·锅物料理

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