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720 Sweets Metrotown: Christmas Special 2018

It had been a few years since I last tried 720 Sweets, a local dessert shop chain known for their smoke-emitting soft-serve ice cream.  They first started out with a shop in Kitsilano (see previous review here) but has since expanded to two locations within T&T Supermarket (Richmond and Metrotown) as well as another standalone store on Kingsway.

`720 sweets tnt metrotown christmas menu 2018

I had received a gift voucher from a media event for a complimentary ice cream a while back and decided to use it at the 720 Sweets location attached to T&T in Metrotown.

This holiday season, they are offering two Christmas Specials: the Matcha Christmas Tree and the Milk’ee Reindeer ($6.25). 

I decided to go with the Milk’ee Reindeer which features milk tea soft serve ice cream with pretzel antlers, chocolate eyes and a raspberry nose.

`720 sweets tnt metrotown christmas menu 2018

The whole 720 experience starts off with dry ice and water being placed into the bottom of the soft serve cup.  As the dry ice undergoes sublimation (solid to gas), a smoke is emitted.  The dry ice is purely a visual effect for the dessert.

The soft serve sits in an insert within the large cup to accommodate the dry ice.  The dry ice really helps to keep the soft serve cold and from melting too quickly.

`720 sweets tnt metrotown christmas menu 2018

From the taste side, I thought the milk tea soft serve flavour was not too sweet but a bit on the mild side.  The texture of the soft serve is also a bit firmer and less melty than a soft serve without dry ice.  On the presentation side, the swirl could have been better.  It was a bit lopsided unfortunately.

`720 sweets tnt metrotown christmas menu 2018

Overall Impression

The Christmas Special I tried was reasonable for the price and portions.  I’d be interested in having one of their desserts again in the future.  Presentation is staff-dependent and for my particular soft serve it could have been improved.  Rating: 3/5

720 Sweets
4800 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC

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