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Zavor Crunch Air Fryer Oven for your Fall Cooking Needs

The summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and that means falling back into the usual routine, but don’t let that bring you down. With a new season comes delicious new possibilities, especially with the Zavor Crunch Air Fryer Oven.

Zavor Crunch Air Fryer Oven

It is a versatile, easy-to-use kitchen electric that will become your new go-to for cooking this season.

The Crunch Air Fryer Oven functions as 7 kitchen tools in one. It can be used to air fry, bake, roast, toast, and more.

It has 8 preset cooking functions for different food items with their own preset cooking times and temperatures.

It even has a Dehydrate function that lets you make chips, dried fruits, jerky, and so forth.

Using the Crunch Air Fryer Oven is as simple as preparing your food, setting your time & temperature, and pressing start.

The Crunch has a touch control panel and a dial that scrolls through cooking times and temperatures to easily program.

Whether you’re a kitchen novice or a culinary master, the Crunch will make cooking all your favorite foods as easy as pie (yes, it can make pies too).

The Crunch Air Fryer Oven comes with 2 non-stick cooking trays, a rotisserie spit with forks, a rotisserie basket, and a rotisserie retrieval tool.

Yes, that’s right, the Crunch has a rotisserie feature!

The rotisserie basket lets you skip the traditional air fryer basket tossing requirement for a hands-free cooking experience.

The rotisserie spit with forks lets you prepare an evenly cooked whole chicken, succulent roasts, pork loin, and more, adding a whole new dimension to the traditional air fryer.

The Crunch has an internal capacity of 12.7qts. offering more space for more food.

It is great for larger portions and having two cooking trays lets you cook more food than a singular air fryer basket would.

All the Crunch’s accessories are dishwasher safe as well, for easy cleanup.

It has a dishwasher-safe, non-stick drip tray inside that can be removed for cleaning as well.

Zavor Crunch Air Fryer Oven retails for $159.95 in the US.

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