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Wushiland Boba Richmond 50 Lan (50嵐): Menu, Top Drinks [Review]

Another Taiwanese bubble tea brand has opened a new outpost in Metro Vancouver. The latest entrant into Metro Vancouver’s bubble tea scene is Wushiland Boba otherwise known as 50 Lan (50嵐).

Wushiland Boba Richmond Hours & Location

Wushiland Boba softly opened this weekend at 1228 – 8338 Capstan Way in Richmond at Union Square Shopping Centre. The current soft opening hours for the next week are 12 pm – 6 pm.

Wu shi is 50 in Mandarin and land would be a play on lan in the brand’s Chinese name, which means mist in Mandarin.

50 Lan is one of the largest bubble tea brands in Taiwan. Founded in 1994, 50 Lan started as a drink and fruit juice stall which also sold oversized fried chicken cutlets.

Wushiland Boba Richmond Interior

Wushiland Boba Richmond has a bright, yellow interior offering counter service. There is no seating area inside.

Wushiland Boba Richmond Menu

Wushiland Boba Richmond’s menu is divided into four sections: Brew Tea (like Golden Oolong Tea, Plum Green Tea and so forth), Tea Latte (like Boba Black Tea, Grass Jelly Black Tea and more), Milk Tea (Coconut Jelly, Ice Cream Milk Tea and so forth) and Fresh Fruit (like Lemon with Yakult, Plum & Kumquat Juice and more).

Topping options include Boba, Pearls (larger than Boba), Coconut Jelly, Grass Jelly, Red Bean, Vanilla Ice Cream, Macchiato and the triple combination of (Boba & Pearl & Coconut Jelly).

The drinks come in either medium or large size and are priced between $4 – $9.

Some of their unique offerings include Ovaltine (like Ovaltine latte and Ovaltine milk tea) and Red Bean (like red bean black tea latte and red bean milk tea).

While their US locations have sweet and savoury French waffles on the menu, it doesn’t look like they do at this Richmond location.

What I Tried at Wushiland Boba Richmond

I ordered a few of their drinks to try including the Ultimate Chew ($4.80), Ovaline Tea Latte ($6) and Red Bean Tea Latte ($5.70)

The Ultimate Chew (brewed tea version) featured Four Season Tea and 3 toppings: Boba, Pearl and Coconut Jelly. It was really refreshing and all the toppings had a good chewiness to them. I would recommend it.

The Ovaltine Tea Latte has fresh milk and had the delicious “chocolatey” signature Ovaltine malt taste.

The Red Bean Black Tea Latte was OK with red bean, black tea and fresh milk.

Overall Impression of Wushiland Boba Richmond

Wushiland Boba
1228 – 8338 Capstan Way, Richmond (Union Square Shopping Centre)

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