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Korean Fried Chicken at The Fry in Toronto


On our trip to Toronto, my friend Dennis who now lives there desperately wanted to take us for some KFC.  No, not Kentucky Fried Chicken but Korean Fried Chicken!  I was not familiar with Korean Fried Chicken but quickly learned about the differences in style compared to the American version.

Korean versus American Fried Chicken

First of all, Korean fried chicken is fried twice, resulting in a crunchier and less greasy skin.  The chickens are typically seasoned with spices, sugar, and salt, prior to and after being fried.  Younger chickens – that is, small- or medium-sized chickens – are used resulting in more tender meat.  The chicken is also usually hand painted with a brush, to evenly coat the chicken with a thin layer of sauce.

The Fry on Bloor

Our friend suggested The Fry for dinner and we made our way there one evening.  Located at 524 Bloor Street West, The Fry is the chain’s Downtown Toronto Location (2 others are in North York).  It is a small restaurant with several booths and dining tables.  There was nothing too remarkable with the decor but the dim lighting set a dingy, pub-like ambiance.  After all, beer and KFC are an ideal pairing.



The Fry Menu

The Fry has a salivating selection of fried chicken varieties including green onion chicken, soy chicken, spicy BBQ to name a few.  There are also a few drumstick and chicken tender options without bones.  The small fried chicken dishes start at $16 while the large sizes and specialty ones are upwards of $29.  Yes, at The Fry, you can easily spend $30 on fried chicken.

Other dishes to complement the fried chicken include egg rolls, corn cheese, spicy rice cake as well as soups and stews.


What We Tried

To start, we had a complimentary corn cheese appetizer.  Quite the comfort food with the melted mozzarella and the sweet and buttery corn.


Next up was the large green onion chicken ($18.99).  It was wonderfully crispy and the batter was crunchy but light.   The chicken pieces were not distinctly cut as identifiable parts of the chicken.  However, they were juicy, tender and flavourful.  The pile of green onion on top of the fried chicken added fun to the presentation.  It went well with the fried chicken and offered a refreshing taste.  Very good overall.


Finally, we had a spicy rice cake with seafood.  I really loved the soft, glutinous texture and sweet taste of the rice cake.  The sauce was nicely spicy and sweet; it offered a good change of taste from the fried chicken.



What lacked the most at The Fry was the service.  We had to call on our server to refill our water glasses and bring us more napkins.

Overall Impression of The Fry

The green onion chicken was delicious deep fried delight.  Nice corn cheese complimentary app as well.  The spicy rice cake with seafood had decent flavour.  Service was lacking, but I would recommend trying out The Fry for their fried chicken.  Rating: 3.5/5

For more information on The Fry, visit them at their website.

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