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Tempura Tendon Hannosuke Tokyo Set to Open in Vancouver

Signage has gone up on the 1700 block of Robson Street for the upcoming opening of the iconic Tempura Tendon Hannosuke Tokyo.

Tempura Tendon Hannosuke Tokyo

Known as Kaneko Hannosuke in Japan, the brand specializes in tendon – not a fibrous connective tissue but rather a meal of tempura served over a bowl of hot rice.

Kaneko has been known to draw long lineups for their delicious tempura at reasonable prices.

While the original location is in Chuo Ward, Tokyo and there are other branches in Japan, Kaneko has also expanded overseas to the US (California, New Jersey, Chicago, Hawaii) and Taiwan. This location on Robson Street in the West End will be there first Canadian outpost.


Hannosuke Kaneko was a renowned Japanese chef, serving as the second chairman of “Isshin-kai,” – a Japanese chef’s association. He had a passion for Japanese cuisine and personally kept a recipe book named “Enma-Cho.”

His grandson, Kaneko Shinya, inherited the recipes and discovered the secret to the “Edomae” sauce for a rice bowl dish. With the secret sauce recipe and numerous times of trial and error of what ingredients would best go with it, he came up with tendon – a rice bowl with tempuras on it.

Tempura Tendon Hannosuke Tokyo Menu

There is no specific menu information for the Vancouver outpost yet but other overseas locations have the following items. You can expect something similar for the Vancouver location.

  • Shrimp Tendon
  • Edomae Tendon
  • Chicken Tendon
  • Tempura & Zaru Soba
  • Tempura Box
  • Tendon & Zaru Soba Set
  • Kakiage Tendon
  • Original Tendon
  • Tempura Plate

Stay tuned to more information on Tempura Tendon Hannosuke Tokyo Vancouver.

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