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Vancouver Stanley Park Ghost Train 2017

The Ghost Train is my favourite Stanley Park train and this year’s theme is Alien Invasion.  Last week, I rode the Ghost Train with family and friends and filmed the entire ride.  Here’s a video recap of my ride on the Stanley Park Ghost Train.

stanley park ghost train 2017 alien invasion

Note:  My tickets were not complimentary.  This review is done anonymously.  Opinions are my own.

I found the train experience interesting and entertaining and I enjoyed the live performances.  Kids and adults alike had a good time and I would recommend it.  If you want to save money and are a bit flexible in time, I would advise buying the tickets on site.  It turns out that buying online is actually more expensive due to the service charge and processing fee (see below).

The Ghost Train ends Oct 31 this year.  For more information, visit

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