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Dim Sum at Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

Shiang Seafood Restaurant caught my attention when I noticed them being a popular location for Chinese wedding banquets in Metro Vancouver.  On Zomato, most people seemed to have positive reviews for them as well.  When I saw their dim sum deal for 4 on Axka recently, I decided to take advantage of it.

Elegant & Grandiose

As soon as I entered the dining room, I was instantly impressed with Shiang’s grandiose and luxurious dining room.  Beautiful chandeliers graced the ceiling and tables were outfitted with satin tablecloths along with matching chair covers.  The room seemed ready for a banquet even though it was just dim sum service.

Shiang Restaurant Banquet Wedding

What We Tried

We had the $38 Axka deal (value $58) as well as a few add-ons:

  • Axka deal | Dim sum set for 4 people
    • Steamed Pork Shiu Mai
    • Mini Sticky Rice Purse
    • Pan Fried Buns with Beef
    • Fried Flour Rolls with Chinese Donuts
    • BBQ Pork Pastry
    • Pea Tips with Bean Curd Sheets
    • Sweet Corn & Mushroom Congee
    • Daily Dessert
  • Chicken Feet
  • BBQ Pork Buns

Let me start off my saying that although the deal for four people, I went with just my husband and son.  We essentially finished all the dishes in the deal as well as the extra dishes we order.  I would think that two adults would be able to finish the same meal we had.

The steamed pork shiu mai was on point with the the pork being flavourful and bouncy.

Shiang Restaurant Pork Dumpling

Though the Mini Sticky Rice Purse didn’t look appetizing, it was absolutely delicious!  The sticky rice had the perfect texture being moist and tender.  The Chinese sausage (lap cheong) in the sticky rice gave it a nice sweet and salty flavour.  The wrap was very thin but held everything well together.

Shiang Restaurant Sticky Rice

The Pan Fried Buns with Beef had a good flavour but the dough was too chewy and tough.

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

The Fried Flour Rolls with Chinese Donuts were well-executed.  I enjoyed the soft, springy texture of the rolls and the crunchiness of the Chinese donuts wrapped within.

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

The BBQ pork pastry didn’t quite have as flaky of the texture as I would like but the pork filling was sweet and juicy.

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

The Pea Tips with Bean Curd Sheets was the least flavourful dish.  The bean curd was bland but the pea tips had some subtle saltiness.

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

The Sweet Corn & Mushroom Congee was quite good.  It wasn’t watered down and the corn gave it some subtle sweetness.

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

The BBQ Bun had a soft and fluffy texture with a moist, sweet and flavourful filling.

Shiang Restaurant BBQ Pork

The meat from the Chicken Feet fell off easily.  The bell peppers gave the meat some extra flavour.

Shiang Restaurant Chicken Feet

For dessert, we had a mixed grain soup that was sweet and hot.

Shiang Seafood Restaurant Richmond

Overall Impression of Shiang Garden Seafood

The dishes we had for dim sum at Shiang were generally well-executed.  I think what sets Shiang apart is the lovely ambiance which is a stark contrast from your usual loud and often chaotic dim sum service elsewhere.  Rating: 4/5

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