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Plearn Thai Heritage: Thai desserts and snacks in Vancouver

Plearn Thai Heritage is a new purveyor of Thai desserts and Snacks in

Operating out of a commissary kitchen, Plearn Thai Heritage’s
signature product are La Moon Thai Shortbread cookies with fillings
that include Sweet Mung Bean; Honey Salted Egg Yolk; Matcha Green Tea;
and more.

The cookies are uniquely finished by placing them in a container with
a Tian Op scented candle used for dessert making.

The candle is extinguished upon closing the container so the aroma is trapped inside.  This process helps to infuse a beautiful aroma to the

The La Moon cookies are made with tapicoa flour, icing sugar and sunflower oil. They are priced at $15 per container (each contains 20 cookies).

For more information on how to order and pickup, check out Plearn Thai Heritages Instagram highlights.

Plearn Thai Heritage

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