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Perks of the 7-Eleven App

I have been a user of the Belly app for a while, which offers rewards points after you visit a participating business.  They also offer perks like free food.  One day I received an e-mail regarding a free pizza slice from 7-Eleven after you check in at the Belly iPad.  I had never tried any 7-Eleven food other than a slurpee so I decided to try it out.

Belly app |

I checked myself in at the Belly iPad and redeemed a pepperoni slice.  The pizza warmer was just at the cashier so the cashier handed me a slice in a box easily.  I was a bit surprised as the pizza was pretty good for a convenience store hot food offering.

7-Eleven Pizza |

After I got home, I got another e-mail from 7-Eleven asking me to come in again for a free large coffee or hot chocolate.  They also noted that they had their own 7-Eleven app, where they have in-app contests and coupons.  They also give away something *free* on Fridays!

unnamed copy

The following Friday, I checked the app and I saw an offer for either a free fresh backed cookie or brownie!

7-Eleven app |

There were no issues in redeeming the offer: I just had to scan my phone at the cashier with the barcode presented.  The cookie tasted good.

7-Eleven cookie |

At the same time, I got my free large coffee which tasted good as well.

7-Eleven coffie |

There you have it, my adventure in trying 7-Eleven food for other than a slurpee the first time.  I admit that I was a bit skeptical about the taste of convenience store hot food and baked products, but they turned out good.  The 7-Eleven app is easy to use and the best part is that you get free perks!

You can check out more info about the 7-Eleven app here:


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