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Outschool referral code credit and review | $20 off first class

I recently started to enroll my son in Outschool, one the largest online marketplace of live online classes for kids.

Outschool review and referral code credit | $20 off first class

Good Selection of Interesting Classes

Browsing through the inventory of online classes, I found quite a selection of classes – a lot of which were very unique and seemed interesting.

Some of the ones that piqued my interest for my 6 year old son were STEM CL0: Introduction to Electrical Circuits (Level 0) – Learn Snap Circuits! and Children’s Drawing Lesson With a Theme Story (Teaching in Mandarin) to name a few.

Flexible Schedule

It is easy to search and filter for classes that fit our family schedule. I love how I am able to enroll in class same-day so I don’t have to commit too much ahead of time and deal with a possible cancellation.


Classes on Outschool typically start at $10 USD and are usually 30 minutes to an hour. They seem to be small sized groups but there are private tutoring opportunities available.

Why did I choose Outschool for online learning?

I am currently using Outschool to supplement my son’s traditional brick and mortar education with interest-based classes.

With the pandemic still ongoing, a lot of classes and activities we used to attend are not available so I use Outschool to keep my son busy. It’s good for after school or when the weather is not great for playing outside.

Some other tips for Outschool

You can tell how many kids are enrolled in a class and sometimes my son would be the only kid enrolled. It is nice to get one-on-one attention while just paying the group rate.

You can filter for highly rated or most popular classes to find some of the better classes.

Outschool is a San-Francisco based company and the prices listed for the courses are in USD.

Outschool referral code credit

To receive $20 USD credit off your first Outschool class, please use my Outschool referral link:

What happens is you pay for your first class, and they will refund you up to $20 USD. If your class is under $20 USD, they will only refund you the amount you paid for. To get the refund, you will need to email their support with your order number. All this information would be included in an email sent to you.

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