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LG New Lineup Of Kitchen Appliances

LG Electronics Canada (LG) is pleased to announce the newest additions to its innovative home appliance lineup are now available for purchase in Canada.

Lg Puts Canadians "In The Zone" With New Lineup Of Kitchen Appliances

These intuitive appliances are designed to put Canadians ‘In the LG Zone’ by bringing the kitchen experience to the next level while seamlessly integrating into almost any kitchen space.

The LG Induction Slide-in Range with Air Fry and Air Sous Vide is the latest addition to LG’s kitchen range lineup.

This versatile slide-in range, available in stainless steel and smudge-resistant black stainless steel, features an induction cooktop that offers speed-heating, precision and responsiveness for super-fast water boils and scorch-free simmering.

Considered one of the most effective heat delivery systems in cooking, energy-efficient induction technology uses electromagnetic energy to transfer heat directly to—and only to—your cookware for faster and safer heating, bringing one the most effective heat delivery cooking technology – all on an easy-to-clean glass surface.

The range’s oven includes three distinct cooking modes that enable additional cooking options: Air Fry provides crispy dishes without the need to add extra oil; Air Sous Vide delivers an even cook with careful low-temperature control without needing a water bath; and ProBake Convection technology evenly distributes super-heated air, minimizing hot and cold spots delivering even baking and roasting results on every rack because of the powerful dual-speed fan, located at the back of the oven.

The range’s ThinQ compatibility lets users monitor and control cook times through their smartphone.

New this year is the LG Counter-Depth MAX Refrigerator lineup with Craft Ice – the industry’s largest counter-depth refrigerator with 25% more space.

Only LG Counter-Depth MAX refrigerators deliver the 26 cu. ft. capacity of a standard-depth fridge in a counter-depth design.

Enjoy a more seamless and built-in look for any kitchen space, without sacrificing storage capacity.

The ultra-sleek edge-to-edge Mirror InstaView panel lets users knock twice to view the contents of their refrigerator without letting any of the cold air out, and beverages can be customized any way with four types of ice including LG’s spherical Craft Ice.

Whether it’s for lunch al fresco or a fancy cocktail night, the LG Counter-Depth MAX™ Refrigerator lineup lets Canadians take their kitchen aesthetics and storage to the next level.

Finally, when it’s time for kitchen cleanup, Canadians can turn to the innovative LG QuadWash Pro Dishwasher lineup.

High-pressure jets with 38% more cleaning power, spray dishes from multiple angles, while soaking them with over one million microbubbles to help break down stubborn food residue and provide exceptional cleaning performance.

LG’s exclusive QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry technologies combine to deliver the industry’s leading 1-hour wash and dry cycle for sparkling, table-ready dishes in less time, so you can spend more time on what matters. 

From preparation to plating, living feels seamless in the LG Zone.

With innovative and sleek designs, enhanced performance, intuitive technology and ThinQ compatibility, these latest additions to the LG home appliance lineup reinforce LG’s commitment to deliver Innovation for a Better Life.

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