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Lavender Cakes & Lattes at Faubourg Bakery

New this summer for a limited time only at Faubourg is their line of lavender flavoured treats.  I had previously enjoyed some of the items at a media event.  This time around, a friend and I met up for an afternoon date at their Park Royal location to try the full-size versions of some of their lavender cakes.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  None of the food and drinks were complimentary.  This review is done anonymously.

faubourg bakery vancouver: lavender cake and lattes

Blueberry Earl Grey Lavender Operette ($6.60)

This pastry was a blueberry sponge cake with caramel biscuit crunch and an Earl Grey lavender ganache.  I loved the textural contrast from the caramel biscuit.  It was a nicely complex and tasty with blueberry, caramel and lavender flavours.

faubourg bakery vancouver: lavender cake and lattes

Lavender Latte + Lavender Macaron

The lavender latte was very smooth and had a nice lavender flavour (without tasting like soap).  We also tried their lavender macaron which was perfect as usual.  It had a meringue-like texture with an eggshell-like outer crust.

faubourg bakery vancouver: lavender cake and lattes

Pastry of the Month ($6.95)

The highlight was the pastry of the month: lavender honey sage mousse, strawberry gelee, lavender sponge cake with a vanilla glaze.  It was a beautifully crafted treat that was complex with different layers: the cake layer was at the bottom; the strawberry gelee was in the middle and the mousse was the outer layer.  Very moist and not overly rich yet very satisfying.

faubourg bakery vancouver: lavender cake and lattes
faubourg bakery vancouver: lavender cake and lattes

I recommend giving Faubourg’s lavender items a try before they are gone.  To find out what else is available, visit my post here.

The lavender treats are available at all Faubourg locations:

  • Downtown: 769 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC
  • Kerrisdale: 2156 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC
  • Park Royal: 792 Main Street, Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC
  • Le Café: 175-628 East Kent South Avenue, Vancouver, BC=

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