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Holiday Gifts for Foodies 2022 Roundup

From butter seasonings for anyone obsessed with TikTok’s viral butter board trend to food-themed book subscription boxes and top picks for any man cave, the below holiday gifts for foodies 2022 roundup will give some ideas on how to make foodies extra jolly this holiday season.

Sugar Plum Gourmet Butter Seasoning Set

Holiday Gifts for Foodies

For those who love TikTok’s Butter Board Trend, check out the Sugar Plum Gourmet Butter Seasoning Set.

Available exclusively on Uncommon Goods, you will love whipping up mouthwatering seasoned butters with this expertly blended set of herb-and-spice mixes.

Seasoned, or “compound,” butter is a simple way to add mouthwatering flavor to all kinds of dishes—or even just a warm slice of bread.

With this expertly blended set, you’ll be able to whip up sweet and savory versions to use or give as gifts.

The set includes four seasoning options: Apple Cinnamon, Umami, Lemon Garlic, and Sun-dried Tomato, all handmade in Pennsylvania by Neil Edley (co-founder of Sugar Plum Chocolates).

The recipient can mix seasoning into softened unsalted butter or vegan butter, wait about an hour for the flavors to blend and settle, and then use as a spread, topping, or in your favorite recipes.

The kit also includes a card with four recipes along with wax paper and twine so you can store or gift your well-seasoned specialties.

Retails for $36.00 on

Sweet Reads’ Top Book Boxes for Foodies

Sweet Reads Box monthly book subscription service is for book lovers, by book lovers.

Sweet Reads Box is your chance to relax and enjoy a great read, a decadent sweet, and a carefully curated item that ties to your novel.

You can select a monthly subscription, or choose from the line’s limited edition boxes or past boxes (which are all available)! 

Here are top book boxes for foodies:

The Sugar Thief Sweet Reads Book Box

This book box features The Sugar Thief, a funny, witty and emotional story by Nancy Mauro about a social media darling with millions of followers who visits her family’s bakery in her hometown.

Holiday Gifts for Foodies

Sabine is a unique character brought home for a family funeral but that is just the tip of the pastry bag.

Her family has dark secrets and there is mystery surrounding the bakery’s old world pastry recipe.

We think you will thoroughly enjoy this sweet yet salty novel that is chock-full of chaos, critique and social commentary.

The book box also features Walton Wood Farm’s The Persian custom-made jam, Gourmet du Village’s Strawberry Frose Mix, a fun ‘Donut Forget’ Notepad, garb2art’s  Donut Bath Bomb, and Danica’s Bertie Bird Sugar Saver, Cupcakes Tea Towel, and Donut Shot Glass.

Retails for $70.00 at

Magic of Lemon Drop Pie Sweet Reads Book Box

This book box features Magic of Lemon Drop Pie, an empowering story by Rachel Linden about what might have been while pushing the protagonist forward to make her present life the one she truly wants.

In the book, Lolly’s life centres around making Lemon Meringue Pie for her family’s dinner until everything changes just before her 33rd birthday.

Enter a quirky great-aunt and three lemon drops. Each drop allows Lolly to live a day in her life that might have been.

This book box also features perfectly tart and sweet Lemon Drops by Hammonds, Lemon Lily’s organic Classic Lemon Iced Tea, a delightful Lemon Mug by Abbott, lemon Lip balm that will help you bring a pop of lemon everywhere you go, Compendium’s beautiful All I Need is a Bright Afternoon journal, a Recipe custom designed by Penguin Random House for Sweet Readers, a special custom letter from author Rachel Linden just for Sweet Readers, and a lovely custom lemon bookmark to mark your page.

Retails for $89.99 at

Walton Wood Farm Two Farm Friends – Cozy at Home Gift Set

This is the sweetest treat! Renew their mind, body, and soul with this fabulous set of foodie and personal care products.

It includes a Me Time Lip Balm, Me Time Body Oil – 4 oz, Lip Scrub – 1 oz, Love You Hand Rescue – 4 oz, Everyday Popcorn Kernels Popcorn Seasoning – Sour Cream & Onion (truly delicious!), tasty South Pond Chocolate Pancake Mix, and South Pond Strawberry Jam (perfect topping for pancakes)!

Retails for $59.99 at

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 🙂 Check out the below snacks that guys truly love — they are perfect for his man cave, poker nights with his buddies, and much more.

Black Label: Nut Decanters

Pour yourself a glass… of these premium nuts. Introducing our newest and sexy Glass Decanters.

Whether you want to snack in style, or prove to your friends that you do have good taste in gifts without the help from your significant other, this delicious blend of cashews and almonds is perfect for any nut lovers with class.

These decanters come filled with either our signature mixed nuts (premium salted cashew & almonds) or whiskey-flavored old fashioned ones, and make a great addition to any home bar.

These will be prized possessions in every man’s life who loves good food as much they do alcohol.

Each decanter of nuts retails for $50.00 at

Nuts & Exotic Meats Box

This gift will resonate with him right down to his caveman core. It features a collection of exotic meats handpicked to cater to that primal hunter-gatherer instinct that echoes in the background from the evolution of early man.

Holiday Gifts for Foodies

Included is a wild boar summer sausage that fuses the traditional sweet and tangy taste of summer sausage with the succulent, rich, and nutty taste of well-ironed wild boar for a unique gustatory experience, two well-cured beef sticksone pork-and-antelope blend stick that highlights the mild and venison-esque flavor, a pork-and-alligator blend stick that has a mild, quail-like flavor that is considered to be quite the delicacy, a 4oz portion of Memphis BBQ almonds (which highlight the characteristically heavy hickory and fruitwood smoke and sweet & tangy flavors of Memphis-style BBQ), and Texas BBQ peanuts that place the rugged flavors of mesquite and oak smoke front and center.

The box retails for $49.95 at

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