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Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Review

Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Burger Vancouver

Looking for cheap street food while on the go in Downtown Vancouver? Consider popping by the Hamburger $2.85 food truck for some quick eats.

Hamburger for $2.85

The concept is simple and the food truck’s name says it all – hamburgers for $2.85.  This food truck also has cheeseburgers for $3.50, french fries for $1.95, and pop for $1.50.  I asked the staff person what “WakWak” meant and she defined as “excited” in Japanese.

Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Burger Vancouver Menu

The food truck has a few signs around it to showcase the budget-friendly offerings.

Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Burger Vancouver Downtown

Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Burger Vancouver Signs

The hamburger was simple and delicious.  Soft toasted buns, hamburger patty with teriyaki sauce and mayo, and fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  The portions of lettuce and tomatoes were impressive.  I liked having a nice crunch from the lettuce.

Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Burgers

Fries were $1.95 and nice and crispy.  I like the cute packaging of the fries!

Hamburger $2.85 Food Truck Burger Vancouver Fries

Hamburger $2.85 is a delicious yet cheap option for a food truck.  They do a great job making this simple burger.  It is refreshing to eat something that is *not* marked up excessively.  Why go to a franchise fast food restaurant for something similar?  If you are still  hungry after one burger, just go ahead and order another!

Hamburger $2.85 on Urbanspoon

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