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Gotcha 高茶 Now Offering Housemade Buns to Pair with Your BBT

Gotcha 高茶 in Downtown Vancouver is now offering freshly baked buns made in-house to pair with your bubble tea.

Some of the offerings include:
?Chestnut + Fresh Taro
?Meat Floss + Fresh Taro
?Salted Duck Egg + Fresh Taro
?Oreo (with house special cream, crispy flour and natural vanilla cocoa)

The buns are a labour of love, taking 4 hours each to be crafted. I was really impressed with how light and fluffy the buns were as they were made using the utane method.

The fillings were really fresh and I thought the ratio of filling to bread was very good such that you can get a good amount of filling per bite.

What I Tried

I was invited for a media tasting. Here are the ones that I tried.

Chestnut + Fresh Taro

Meat Floss + Fresh Taro

Salted Duck Egg + Fresh Taro





My favourite was the Fresh Taro + Chestnut followed by the Salted Duck Egg and Meat Floss + Fresh Taro.

The buns are priced around $6 – $7 and you can find them in the display case at the shop.

Gotcha 高茶
686 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC

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