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De Dutch Vancouver Convention Centre

De Dutch Vancouver Coal Harbour

De Dutch at the Vancouver Convention Centre offers breakfast and lunch food with magnificent views of the harbour.  You might even see the seaplanes landing.  Every time I visit, the dining experience is quiet and almost serene.  It is a place for comfort eats while enjoying the beautiful scenery.  I have dined there on several occasions and this post reflects my experiences from those visits.

I dined at De Dutch during the winter, but I could see that the patio would be great during sunny and warm days.  The inside dining space is clean and bright; it has a mainly orange color scheme with yellow and brown accents.

De Dutch Vancouver Coal Harbour Inside

De Dutch Pannekoeken

The De Dutch pannekoek (or simply *pancake*) is the signature menu item.  With a circumference of 37” and a diameter of 12,” it is essentially one extremely large crepe.  Offered in both sweet and savoury varieties, the pannekoek recipe is *top secret* since De Dutch first opened in 1975.

In general, I find that the food quality at De Dutch is good.  It is in line with what you would expect from a franchise restaurant chain.  However, I feel that the crepes can be a bit greasy and dense at times.

De Dutch Vancouver Menu

One savoury pannekoek I tried was the Abby Perogie.  It has hash browns, with debakon and onion inside, then topped with cheddar and sour cream.

De Dutch Vancouver Abby Perogie

Are you a meat lover?  The meat lovers pannekoek has debakon, ham, sausage, turkey bacon and edam, with tomato garnish.

De Dutch Vancouver Meat Lovers

For something sweet, there is the peach melba and whip cream.

De Dutch Vancouver Peach Melba and Whip

I found that the mixed fresh fruit and whip cream is a conservative and delicious choice.

De Dutch Pannekoeken

During the fall, I also tried their pumpkin spice latte.  It was standard in my opinion.

De Dutch Vancouver Pumpkin Spice Latte

My husband ordered the dutch omelettes during two visits.  They are served with toast, hashbrowns and with a bowl of salad or fruit.  The meat lovers has debakon, ham, sausage, turkey bacon and cheese.

De Dutch Vancouver Meat Lovers Omlettes

The smoked wild BC salmon dutch omelette was standard as well.

De Dutch

A holiday offering that I indulged in was the peach cobbler French toast topped with cinnamon sugar, peach, granola and fresh whipped cream.  I think I would consider it more of dessert because it was so sweet. 

De Dutch Vancouver French Toast

Loyalty Rewards

I also am a member of the De Club rewards program.  You pay a one-time $5 membership fee, but you get a $10 gift certificate afterwards.  You earn 1 point for every dollar you send.  For every 125 points, you get a $10 reward certificate.

Overall Impression

De Dutch at Vancouver Convention Centre has good food in line with the expectations from a franchise chain.  The price point is a bit higher but fair for the area.  The lovely scenery is what makes it more of a unique dining experience.


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