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Chatime BC Tea of the Month: Oolong Milk Tea

Are you a Chatime BC Rewards member?  Aside from earning points for every purchase you make, you can enjoy exclusive member deals like their Tea of the Month.

Chatime Oolong Milk Tea

Note:  My drink was not complimentary.  This review is done anonymously.

For the month of June, members can order a large Chatime Oolong Milk Tea for $3.85.  Toppings are extra.

Chatime Oolong Milk Tea

I found the Chatime Oolong Milk Tea to be creamy, milky, nutty, and deeply-floral.  It was very smooth with sweet lingering taste.  Oolong tea on its own already has a sweet taste so if you want a drink that is less sweet you might want to ask for even less sweetness.  At 50% sweetness, I still found it a bit too much; I would have it again at 0% or 25% max.  The tapioca pearls also contribute to the sweetness.

Chatime Oolong Milk Tea

Overall Impression

It was my first time having the Chatime Oolong Milk Tea and I quite enjoyed it.  I would recommend ordering it with a low amount of sweetness.  Rating: 4/5

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