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Bubble King at International Village

After shopping at Yokoyaya at International Village recently, I was in the mood for some bubble tea.  My go-to bubble tea place is Chatime but there is no location in Chinatown.  After looking around, I discovered Bubble King, the only one food stall in the mall that specializes in bubble tea.


Bubble King Menu

Located inside the International Village food court, Bubble King is a one-man operated bubble tea shop.  It’s cash only here.

Bubble tea is $4.00 and they have a standard selection of flavours (taro, coconut, coffee, mango, mocha, chocolate, green apple, taro & coconut).  They also serve milkshake, hot drinks, fresh fruit slush/yogurt, and even a few desserts.  Bubbles are an extra $0.50.

You might just want to be careful around the plastic drink display at Bubble King.  If you break one of the models, you will be fined $25!  Personally, I have never seen a bubble tea drink display before.


What I Tried

On the first visit, I had a mango bubble tea ($4.00) with pearl.  You have the option of getting a thicker, slushier bubble tea which I agreed to.  I saw that the drink was prepared using real mango chunks.  Indeed, it had a nice thick texture that could still flow through the straw smoothly.  The bubble tea was also not too sweet and the pearls were soft and chewy.  It was a pretty good drink overall.


The following time I had a taro milk tea with pearl ($4.00).  This time, the drink tasted more artificial and I noticed that there was no taro flesh.  I definitely prefer the taro milk tea from Chatime which has a nicely fine taro flesh and tastes more natural.  Nevertheless, the pearls were soft and chewy.  Not the best taro milk tea I have had but still okay.


Overall Impression of Bubble King

The drinks that I tried from Bubble King were not too sweet and the pearls were just right. If you are craving for bubble tea while at International Village, Bubble King does a decent job.  Rating: 3/5

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