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Where to Buy BC Spot Prawns Vancouver 2021

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Here’s a look at where to buy BC Spot Prawns Vancouver 2021 along with some buying tips, how to cook spot prawns tricks and spot prawn recipes.

Where to Buy BC Spot Prawns Vancouver 2021

The BC spot prawn season is a favourite time of the year for foodies.  Known for their sweet, delicate in flavour and firm texture, BC spot prawns are delicacies that are enjoyed locally but also around the world.

How long is BC Spot Prawn Season 2021?

The BC Spot Prawn Season is super short.  The 2021 harvest season is expected to start May 14/15 and lasting 30 – 40 days.

About BC Spot Prawns: Season, Sustainability, Buying

How much are live spot prawns?

Prices at the fisherman wharfs are usually around $18 – $20 per pound. You might find them as cheap as $14 per pound elsewhere.

BC Spot Prawn Festival

Tips for buying live spot prawns

About the start of the spot prawn season…

The first days when spot prawns are available on the market are pretty crazy.

You can preorder online ahead of time at some of the vendors that have online shops but that doesn’t guarantee the availability.

During the first few days, the amount of spot prawns on the market is usually not enough to keep up with the HUGE demand in the beginning.

If you are planning to buy directly from the fishermen boats at the wharves, the boats typically come in around 12 pm – 1 pm.

Spot Prawn Festival 2018 Vancouver Granville Island

You can expect long line ups at the wharf ahead of when the boats even arrive. The wait could potentially be hours.

Check the social media of the fishermen for the latest information on when the boat is arriving or if they are sold out.

The demand does wane a bit as the season goes on so you can find spot prawns more easily in places like supermarkets (even in the late evening) and not having to wait in line for hours at the wharf.

When you buy live spot prawns…

They should be jumping, moving about with a translucent appearance! Do not buy foul-smelling, discoloured spot prawns.

How to keep spot prawns alive

Bring a cooler with a small ice pack if you can to keep your spot prawns alive. That way you can keep them cool until you get home.

Do not put the spot prawns directly in ice because melted fresh water ice will kill them.

If the spot prawn is dead, an enzyme is released from within a prawn’s head that can cause the meat to turn mushy when cooked.

About BC Spot Prawns: Season, Sustainability, Buying

Below are a few places where you can buy BC spot prawns Vancouver 2021.

Any additions? Please contact me @foodgressing on social media or email [email protected].

Where to Buy BC Spot Prawns Vancouver 2021

BC Live Spot Prawns (Granville Island Fisherman’s Wharf/Ladner Wharf)

Disclosure: Affiliate link below

BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood (BCLSPS) is now accepting pre-orders of live spot prawns ($18.00 per lb) for home delivery or pick-up at the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf or Ladner Wharf.

A small business based out of Ladner, BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood provides customers with the freshest, wild-caught seafood directly from its network of five local fishing families.

Customers are guaranteed only wild-caught, sustainable, antibiotic-free and hormone-free spot prawns, salmon, sablefish, halibut, and other live, fresh, or frozen seafood products. 

In-person pick-ups are available at the Ladner Wharf starting May 15, or at the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf starting May 17.

They offer home delivery option across Greater Vancouver with a minimum of 10lb per order and no additional delivery charges.

BCLSPS does not grade its spot prawns and the spot prawns are fishermen-direct.

That means customers can expect large and XL spot prawns from the fishermen’s daily catch, fresh from the boats.

Get 300 loyalty points on your first order with my referral link:

Organic Ocean Seafood (Granville Island Fisherman’s Wharf)

Starting May 14, Organic Ocean Seafood will be selling live spot prawns in the afternoon down at the False Creek dock, straight from their boat, the Organic Ocean 1 while following safe distancing protocol.

Pricing will be the same as last year – $20 per lb and all orders over 20 lb. receive a 5 % discount.

Home delivery is also available. Their signature Fresh Spot Prawn Pack – Dr Prawnie Henry Edition – will be available starting May 17th.

Sold in two lb units for $50 plus delivery if you order at least one item from their online fish market. Available only to Lower Mainland residents.

Steveston Spot Prawns (Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf)

Steveston Spot Prawns is accepting pre-orders for pickup and delivery service within Richmond ($18.00 per lb).

In-person pick-ups and delivery are available starting May 15.

Preorder pickup 7 days a week from 9 AM – 6 PM. Preorder delivery is Monday – Friday from 3 PM – 6 PM. $10 flat rate delivery applies. Delivery to select areas in Richmond BC with two pound minimum. Cash sales at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Prawns on the Spot (Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf)

Prawns on the Spot will be at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf starting Saturday, May 15 and Ladner on May 16. They are accepting pre-orders at $18 per lb.

Fresh Ideas Start Here (Kitsilano/South Burnaby)

Fresh Ideas Start Here is selling spot prawns at $20 per lb. They have preorders set up. #180-7515 Market Crossing, Burnaby AND 2959 West Broadway , Vancouver.

SEAFOOD.STOP 海鮮站 温哥華 (Richmond)

Seafood Stop is accepting preorders for live spot prawns for pickup in Richmond at 12611 Vulcan Way. Minimum 2 lbs at $18.50 per lb.

The Lobster Man (Granville Island)

The Lobster Man is taking preorders and walk-ups at $20 per pound. 1807 Mast Tower Ln, Vancouver.

Fresh D Foods Canada (Delivery)

Fresh D Foods delivers live spot prawns to the City of Vancouver and Richmond, and parts of Burnaby.

Their prawns undergo purging, which is a process to clean the spot prawns and remove any unwanted residue in, and on their bodies. Read more about my own experience with purged spot prawns from Fresh D here.

Pricing is 3 lbs ($58.50), 5 lbs ($97.50) and 10 lbs ($185).

Fanny Bay Oysters (Cambie)

Fanny Bay Oysters is selling live spot prawns at $22 per pound at their oyster bar and retail market. 762 Cambie St, Vancouver.

Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli

Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli is selling spot prawns for approximately $20 per per pound. 4156 E Hastings St, Burnaby.

Farm to Table Market (Yaletown)

Farm To Table Market sells live spot prawns at $20 per pound (3 pound minimum). Place your order with them at their store or via WhatsApp 778-322-6656. Pick up at their store at 1312 Richards Street, Vancouver.

Sungiven Foods

Sungiven Foods sells spot prawns at $19.99 per pound (2 pound minimum) or $18.99 per pound (5 pound minimum).

Tide to Table by Walcan Seafood

Tide to Table offers fresh spot prawn delivery in the Lower Mainland at 5 pounds for $99.99.

Prawns are packed live to order, the morning of your delivery day. Flushed in refrigerated sea water while live, and do not need to be deveined.

Prawns are not size graded, and will be an ocean-run split of Medium, Large, XL and Jumbo. 60-85 pieces on average.

Other Grocery Stores (Various Locations)

Grocery stores like T&T Supermarket, H Mart, Price Smart Foods are known to carry live spot prawns.

Other places reported to sell live spot prawns are Izumiya Japanese Marketplace (Richmond), Walmart Richmond and Parker Place. You can check the flyers on the pricing.

Small mom and pop Asian seafood stores have been reported to sell them too.

How to prepare spot prawns

So you’ve brought home your live spot prawns, kept them cool and they’re sticking kicking and moving about. What to do next?

Get ready to cook them ASAP. You need to cook them live because dead prawns have a black flesh and are simply not good to eat.

Do not put spot prawns in tap water because fresh water will actually kill them. 

Spot prawns taste best when they are cooked fast in just about two minutes. Beware of overcooking!

You can even undercook the spot prawns a bit because they will continue to cook after removal from heat.

Look for them to turn pink and curl up which means they are ready to be enjoyed.

For the spot prawn meat to be in the best condition, cook the spot prawns live with their head or you will need to remove their heads while still alive.

How to remove spot prawn head

It can be intimidating at first, but to remove the head of a live spot prawn follow these steps:

  • Carefully remove the spot prawn from the bag and carefully handle the sharp ends.
  • Firmly grab the spot prawn head in one hand and the spot prawn body with the other.
  • Pinch the spot prawn head with your thumb and index finger.
  • Twist your hands in opposite directions and pull.
  • Voila, the head will come free easily!
  • Grab the body with your dominant hand and pinch the head between the thumb and index finger of your other hand. Quickly and forcefully twist the body away from the head until it’s removed. Rinse the tail thoroughly.

Check out this demo video to see how it is done.

How to steam spot prawns

Bring the water in your pot to a boil. Place spot prawns in the steamer basket. Steam for about 2 minutes and then run cold water over them.

How to grill spot prawns

Grill for 1 to 2 minutes per side at medium heat. You can also skewer them.

How to boil spot prawns

Bring the water in your pot to a boil. Boil spot prawns (with shell) for about 2 minutes.

How to sautee spot prawns

You can sautee spot prawns for a few minutes with or without shell.

About spot prawn tails

Spot prawn tails can be eaten sashimi-style from de-headed fresh, BC live spot prawns.

Spot prawn recipe ideas

Here are some spot prawn recipe ideas for inspiration.

french's not your ordinary cocktail mix spot
  • Cooked then chilled on ice. Serve with a lemon and cocktail sauce.
  • With butter only!
  • Paella with mussels, clams and fish. Serve with wine.
  • Steamed and then seasoned with olive oil, lemon and salt.
  • Cooked in sweet chili, butter, garlic and tomato sauce.
  • Pasta with tomatoes, asparagus in a garlic white wine sauce.
  • Tacos with mango, lime, sweet onion, salsa, chipotle mayo, avocado, cilatro and so forth.
  • Ceviche style.
  • Olive oil, salt and lemon zest.
  • Spot prawn boil with corn, potatoes and onions.
  • Garlic butter with Romesco sauce.
  • With coconut milk and lime.
  • Grilled and tossed in uni butter.
  • Spot prawn scampi (linguine pasta, butter, garlic, parsley, lemon, white white, parmesan)
  • Skewered and grilled.
  • With a butter garlic sauce.
  • Grilled with corn, then served with pasta and cherry tomatoes.
  • Chili garlic spot prawn steamed with sake and served with coconut rice.
  • Seafood risotto with mussels and clams.
  • Serve with soy sauce.
  • With a sake dashi broth.
  • Olive oil, garlic and fresh lemon juice.
  • Served with garlic, herb butter and zucchini and peas.
Spot Prawn Festival 2018 Vancouver Granville Island

BC Spot Prawn Festival 2021

The BC Spot Prawn Festival 2021 is back this year in a different format. Here are some of the happenings:

Chef’s Table Chowder

Due to the pandemic, Chefs’ Table Society is not able to serve up hot chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf in-person.

Instead, to keep the tradition alive, Chefs’ Table will be offering frozen chowder made with spot prawns and other sustainable seafoods starting May 14, 2021 (the opening of the Spot Prawn season) at participating retails.

Funds raised will go towards Chefs’ Table Society initiatives such as culinary scholarships and the legacy project CTS Culinary Library.

Virtual Event

On Saturday, May 29, 2021, join the Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia for a virtual event that will mimic the Spot Prawn Festival demo-stage.

You’ll learn directly from BC Chefs, who are spot prawn lovers, how to cook your own 3-course meal at home.

Participating Chefs:

A ticket for this event ($28.21) gets you:

  • A grocery list to purchase all necessary ingredients (for 4 servings)
  • An equipment list for the tools you’ll need
  • Access to instructional demo videos for you to use before (or after) the live Q&A
  • A live Q&A and hang-out with Chefs An, Bell and Nakano PLUS Spot Prawn Festival founder and Order of Canada Recipient Chef Robert Clark.

The host for the evening will be lover of spot prawns and everything local Lien Yeung, CBC Vancouver News Anchor/Reporter.

Vancouver Restaurants Spot Prawn Menu

Want to enjoy spot prawn speciality dishes prepared by restaurants? Check out my post on Vancouver restaurant spot prawn dishes.

Check out my post to learn more about BC Spot Prawns.

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