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TokyoTreat Japanese Candy September 2019 Premium Box Unboxing

Japan is known for a wide range of snack and drink offerings that range for sweet, savoury to wacky and weird. One way to get them outside of Japan is via TokyoTreat – a Japanese candy and snacks monthly subscription box delivered straight from Japan.

What’s in a TokyoTreat Premium Box?

The Premium box is $35 USD monthly and includes 17 full-size items: 1 Japanese drink (180~500 ml), 1 Party pack, 1 Anime snack, 5 Popular Japanese snacks, 3 Dagashi, 1 DIY Japanese candy kit, 1 Japanese candy guide book.  Annual subscriptions receive discounts.

My box was shipped from Tokyo. Tokyotreat is able to ship worldwide.

Unboxing Video

Check out my Youtube video showcasing my fun unboxing of the Premium September 2019 Box. This month’s theme is: Fresh N’ Tasty.

Disclosure: I was sent a TokyoTreat box for review.

What’s in the TokyoTreat September 2019 Premium Box?

TokyoTreat Japanese Candy September 2019 Premium Box Unboxing

The September 2019 Premium Box contained:

  • Wasabi Nori (wasabi flavor mixed in with the seaweed)
  • Natto Umaibo (soybean flavoured snack)
  • Coris Soda Soft Candy
  • Aji Curry (curry flavored chips)
  • Melon Jelly DIY
  • Yaokin Soba (little soba noodles)
  • Petit Kabuki Rice Crackers
  • Yaokin Melon Bread Biscuits
  • Mint Taiyaki
  • Kabaya Watermelon Gummies
  • Chocolate Mint Pocky
  • Fried Potato Chips
  • Furuta Detective Conan Chocolate Bar (thin crispy wafers surrounded by smooth chocolate)
  • Yuzu Salt Lemon Potato Chips
  • Kirin Watermelon Soda
  • Furuta Gudetama Custard Chocolates

My top 3 favourite snacks

My top 3 favourite snacks were the Yaokin Melon Bread Biscuits, Fried Potato Chips and Petit Kabuki Rice Crackers.

The weirdest snacks

The Melon Jelly DIY was a fun Japanese Candy kit to try for its novelty factor. It came with cup, straw and powder mix. All I needed to do was add water. I was surprised by how gelatinous the texture was and the fact that it did taste like melon!

The weirdest snack was the Mint Taiyaki which was a light and bubbly snack with a minty flavour in the shape of a fish.

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