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The Morningstar Farms Riblets Are Back

To all the fast-food rib-loving enthusiasts out there, gone are the days of waiting a whole year to enjoy a saucy sandwich only to say farewell, yet again. If you’re tired of certain sandwiches playing with your emotions, it’s time to ditch the drive-thru lane and simply head down the freezer aisle for MorningStar Farms instead. 

Wish Granted. The Morningstar Farms Riblets Are Back

Riblets – the #1 most requested item from MorningStar Farms – is finally making a comeback nationwide after over five years, and we know everyone from meat lovers to flexitarians to vegans will be loving it all year long.

Riblets is embarking on a “Return Tour” to reward loyal Riblets fans and welcome new ones, leading up to the nationwide return to retail in Spring 2024.

MorningStar Farms Riblets will be returning to shelves in Spring 2024 in two tasty sauces, Sweet BBQ and Korean BBQ, and come in a convenient, ready to cook and serve tray of 2 riblets for an SRP of $8.79. Enjoy with a fork, with your fingers, or even with pickles and onions on a homestyle bun (wink wink).

Packed with 26 grams of protein, these vegan Riblets are tender and juicy, with a sweet and tangy flavor that will keep you coming back for more. 

Stay tuned for more news from MorningStar Farms and a chance to get first dibs on these “ribs” very soon. 

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