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SomiSomi Sawtelle Los Angeles Korean Dessert | 2022 Visit [Review]

We recently tried SomiSomi, an American franchise serving the Korean dessert known as “Ah-Boong” – a fish-shaped waffle cone with filling and topped with soft serve.  They have many locations across the US but the one we went to SomiSomi Sawtelle in Los Angeles.

SomiSomi Sawtelle Los Angeles
SomiSomi Sawtelle Los Angeles
SomiSomi Sawtelle Los Angeles

You choose a style first: Ahboong; Upside Down Ahboong; Soft Serve in a Cup; or Cold Brew Float.

SomiSomi ice cream flavors (which rotate)  include Milk Tea; Matcha; Chocolate; Coffee; Horchata; Banana and more.

For fillings, there is Nutella, Custard; Taro and Red Bean.

Toppings include Coconut Flakes; Fruity Pebbles; Cocoa Pebbles; Oreo Crumbs and more.

Waffles are freshly made in-house.

We got a taro-filled Ah-Boong with an ube swirl, topped with sprinkles and a strawberry on the side.  There was also the red-bean filled upside down Ah-Boong with sesame soft serve and a strawberry on the side.

The soft serve flavours were good and the fillings were OK (a bit on the sweeter side).  The fresh made waffle was warm; crispy on the outside; and had a mochi-like chewiness inside.  The strawberries they used weren’t super fresh as the leaves were turning brown.  I think if they wanted to keep the aesthetic they need use fresh fruit! They offer a macaron instead, which I should have gone with. Otherwise, an OK experience.

No seating on the inside but there is a bench on the outside.
1311 Mississippi Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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