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Roll Up the Rim 2022 Tim Hortons: March Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules

Tim Hortons is gearing up to give Canadians the opportunity to win over $100 million in prizes via Roll Up the Rim 2022 (now known officially as Roll Up to Win 2022), which begins March 7 and ends April 3.

What’s new this year is the addition of new bonus Rolls for mobile orders giving guests more reasons than ever before to play Roll Up To Win – and once again, every Roll wins.

Prizes available to be won include 15 2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline vehicles, over 900 getaways, over $15 million in gift cards and promo codes, plus about 14 million free coffees or donuts, and 45,000 $25 Tim Cards (see more below).

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win  Prizes, Dates, Rules,

To celebrate this year’s edition, Tim Hortons crunched the numbers to mine some fun facts about Canada’s favourite contest:

  • Did you know Sydney, Nova Scotia is the roll up capital of Canada? The Cape Breton Island city won the most free coffees and donuts on a per capita basis compared to anywhere else in the country.
  • Saint John, New Brunswick came in second place nationwide. East-Coasters love to Roll! 
  • This year Tims is giving away 9.8 MILLION coffee prizes – enough to fill TWO Olympic-sized swimming pools!
  • If you stacked up the 4.2 million donuts Tims is giving away, it would be as tall as 193 CN TOWERS!

Roll Up to Win 2022 Dates

Roll Up to Win 2022 Dates starts at 12:00:00 a.m. ET on March 7, 2022 and ends on April 3, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Roll Up to Win 2022 Prizes

There are more than $100 million worth of prizes available to be won, including Coffee and Donut Prizes, vehicles, electronics, getaways, gift cards, streaming service subscriptions, and more.

Below is the list of prizes. ARV means approximate retail value.

Grand Prizes

(i) 14,015,916x Coffee and Food grand prizes, ARV $0.99 – $6.39 CAD each

(ii) 15 x Volkswagen Taos Highline vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Package and Alloy Wheel Package, ARV $38,195 CAD each

(iii)10 x week-long (6-night) vacations to select Hilton international resorts, ARVs range from $6,332.77 CAD to $11,585.41 CAD each, depending on resort (flight portion of each getaway awarded as $2,500 CAD air carrier gift card, prize is subject to applicable COVID-19 restrictions at the time of fulfilment)

(iv) 150 x 2-night weekend getaways (awarded as Hilton Be My Guest Certificates valid for 2-night hotel stay, excludes transportation to/from destination point, and subject to applicable COVID-19 restrictions at the time of fulfilment), ARV $900 CAD each

(v) 750 x Parks Canada Family/Group Discovery Passes, ARV $145.25 CAD each

(vi) 10 x CanaDream RV rentals (7-night rental, maximum 700 km), ARV $7,000 CAD each

(vii) 100 x Samsung Smart 4K UHD 65” TVs, ARV $1,099.99 CAD each

(viii) 100 x Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones, ARV $1,099.99 CAD each

(ix) 20 x Microsoft Surface Pro 8s, ARV $2,399.99 CAD each

(x) 234 x $1,000 CAD American Express prepaid cards

(xi) 50 x ‘Movies for a Year’ with Cineplex® Premiere Cards (admission for 1 person, once per day, for 1 year), ARV $1,250 CAD each

(xii) 10 x Home Hardware $5,000 CAD eGift Card prizes

(xiii) 1,000 x Home Hardware $100 CAD digital gift cards

(xiv) 50 x The Bay $100 CAD digital gift cards

(xv) 10 x JOURNIE ‘Fuel for a Year’ prizes, each awarded in the form of $4,000 CAD in JOURNIE Rewards gift cards

(xvi) 20,000 x Uber Eats $20 CAD Digital Gift Cards

(xvii) 250 x Special Edition Tim Hortons Chilly Moose 12L Harbour Buckets, ARV $134.99 CAD each

(xviii) 50 x Special Edition Tim Hortons 55L Ice Boxes by Chilly Moose, ARV $389.99 CAD each

(xix) 300 x PKG® Carry Goods Travel Essentials Bundles, ARV $300 CAD each

(xx) 1,500 x Skullcandy Grind True Wireless Earbuds, ARV $99.99 each

(xxi) 100,000 x SN NOW 3-month sports streaming subscriptions, ARV $104.94 each

(xxii) 1,000 x 1-year subscriptions to The Athletic, ARV $71.99 CAD each

(xxiii) 45,000 x $25 CAD Tim Card® Gift Cards

Top Tim Hortons Donuts and Coffee List Canada: Price, Calories

Standard Prizes

(i) 150,000 x 1-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass for PC, ARV $11.99 CAD each

(ii) 70,000 x Cineplex Store® Digital Rental Codes (valid for 1 digital movie rental), ARV $6.99 CAD each

(iii) 20,000 x $10 off a Home Premiere Rental on the Cineplex Store® Digital Codes (valid for 1 Home Premiere movie rental), ARV $10 CAD each

(iv) 100,000 x The Bay $10 CAD Promotional eGift Cards

(v) 250,000 x JOURNIE Fuel $0.05/L discount codes (discount valid up to 100L), ARV $5 CAD each

(vi) 250,000 x JOURNIE Fuel $0.07/L discount codes (discount valid up to 50L), ARV $3.50 CAD each

(vii) 250,000 x Chilly Moose 25% off Digital Discount Codes (ARV depends on value of eligible items purchased)

(viii) 100,000 x $10 CAD Crave Promo Codes

(ix) 100,000 x $40 off Tim Hortons Collection only on Promo Codes

(x) 200,000 x 50% off Tim Hortons Collection Promo Codes (ARV depends on value of eligible items purchased)

(xi) 4,000,000 x 40% off (MSRP) Discount Codes (ARV depends on value of eligible items purchased)

(xii) 300,000 x 3-month subscriptions to The Athletic, ARV $19.99 each

(xiii) 10,000,000 x +10 bonus points mobile order standard prizes

(xiv) 10,000,000 x +20 bonus points mobile order standard prizes

(xv) Tims Rewards points (consisting of 5-, 10-, and 15-Tims Rewards points). 

How to Play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2022

Every Roll Wins with Roll Up To Win 2022 from March 7 to April 3, 2022.

Just scan your Tims App or physical Tims Rewards card when you make an eligible purchase during your next Tims run or use the Tims App to place an eligible mobile or delivery order.

You will earn 1 digital roll for each eligible hot or cold beverage, breakfast sandwich, and/or breakfast wrap purchased.

Log in to your account on the Tims App or at to reveal your rolls.

Contest open to registered Tims Rewards members in Canada only, aged 13+.

What Menu Items are Eligible for Digital Rolls?

All hot beverages (excluding espresso shots), cold beverages (excluding bottled beverages like milk, pop, and juice), breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast wraps each earn 1 digital roll.

Tim Hortons white hot beverage lids

The detailed list of items eligible for a digital roll include:

  • Small (10 oz.), medium (15 oz.), large (20 oz.) and extra-large (24 oz.) hot beverages (excluding espresso shots ordered a la carte or added to another beverage)
  • Small (10 oz.), medium (15 oz.), and large (20 oz.) cold beverages (excluding bottled beverages like milk, pop, and juice)
  • Farmer’s Breakfast Wraps (bacon, sausage or egg, and cheese)
  • Grilled Breakfast Wraps (bacon, sausage or egg)
  • Bagel BELT® (bacon or sausage)
  • Breakfast Sandwiches (English muffin, biscuit, bacon, sausage, or egg and cheese)

Any products received by redeeming a Roll Up The Rim 2022 Prize won earlier, Tims Rewards points, or Tims it Forward gifts are not eligible to earn digital rolls.

How do I get my Digital Rolls and Bonus Rolls?

You must scan the Tims App or your physical Tims Rewards card before paying while making your eligible purchase.

Once your order is completed, the digital roll(s) you earned will appear in your account the next time you open and log into the Tims App or

You can also earn a digital roll by placing a mobile or delivery order in the Tims App!

Unfortunately, rolls cannot be retroactively added to your account if you forget to scan for Tims Rewards.

You can earn 1 bonus digital roll per eligible transaction (including an eligible item) placed in the Tims App, either for pickup in-restaurant or Tims Delivery.

This excludes delivery orders placed in third-party delivery partner apps and is limited to 1 bonus digital roll per mobile transaction in the Tims App.

For example, if you purchase two medium coffees through the Tims App, you would receive 3 digital rolls (2 for the coffees, and 1 for the mobile transaction).

Can I Earn a Roll When I Redeem a Coffee Prize or Use my Tims Rewards Points for an Eligible Menu Item?

A purchase of an eligible menu item is required to earn a digital roll.

That means products received by redeeming a prize, Tims Rewards points, or Tims it Forward gifts are not eligible to earn digital rolls.

Is There a Limit on How Many Digital Rolls You Can Earn?

You can earn 1 digital roll for each eligible item you purchase.

There is no limit to the number of rolls you can earn, and Every Roll Wins.

For example, if you purchased two medium coffees, a donut, and a Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap and scan for Tims Rewards, you would receive 3 digital rolls (two for the coffees, none for the donut, and one for the Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap).

How do I Roll the Rolls?

To reveal a digital roll, you must:

  1. Log into your account through the Tims App or on
  2. Navigate to the Roll Up To Win™ game by clicking the prominent banner image
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and correctly answer a skill-testing question
  4. Click “Roll Now” or swipe up on the screen yourself to reveal your digital roll!

If you have earned digital rolls by scanning a physical Tims Rewards card that has not yet been linked to an email address, you must first create an account in the Tims App or online at

You will be prompted to enter the number on the back of your physical card. After doing so, all digital rolls earned will become available to reveal per the instructions above.

How to Play When You Don’t Have A Cellphone

While you must be registered for Tims Rewards in order to play Roll Up The Rim 2022, you do not need to have the Tims App.

If you do not wish to download or use the app can always scan your physical Tims Rewards card while making eligible purchases, link it to their email address by registering for an account online, and reveal their digital rolls at

As a special bonus, if you register for a new Tims Rewards account between March 7 and April 3, you’ll also receive 70 additional points when you scan for Tims Rewards during your first eligible points earning transaction.

How Long Do I Have to Open My Digital Rolls?

All digital rolls must be revealed on or before April 24, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Any digital roll(s) not revealed by this date will be forfeited.

I forgot to scan for Tims Rewards before I paid. Can I collect my digital rolls after?

Unfortunately, you must scan your Tims App or physical Tims Rewards card before you pay in order to earn digital roll(s). Digital rolls cannot be added to your account retroactively.

No Purchase Necessary Method

Entrants may collect digital rolls without making an eligible purchase by submitting a mail-in request, in writing, to the address listed in the official rules.

Send a FREE request in writing, including: (a) the entrant’s first name, last name and email address; and (b) a statement indicating whether the request is for: (i) one Base Digital Roll; or (ii) one Base Digital Roll and one Bonus Digital Roll; on a plain white piece of paper by mailing the fully completed request (in an envelope with sufficient Canadian postage) to: Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win 2022 Contest, PO Box 12398, Saint John, NB E2L 5E7 (collectively, a “Roll Request”).

The Digital Roll(s) received in connection with an eligible Roll Request will be delivered via an email that
includes a unique URL that the entrant must click-on, and then the entrant must follow the onscreen instructions to access the Digital Roll(s) via their Account.

How to Send Rolls to Friends

You may share a link with a friend or family member to deliver one or more of your digital rolls to them.

The recipient must log in to their Tims Rewards account in the Tims App or online at and follow the on-screen instructions to claim the digital roll and reveal their Prize.

The person who reveals a digital roll gets to keep the resulting Prize.

All rights to a Prize are forfeited when a digital roll is sent to a friend or family member.

How to Redeem Prizes

Redemption steps vary depending on the type of prize won:

  1. Coffee and Donut Prizes will be issued in the form of a prize offer in the “Rewards & Offers” section of your Tims Rewards account. Once you’ve revealed a Coffee or Donut Prize, head over to “Rewards & Offers” and click “Activate.” Then, redeem your Coffee or Donut Prize by scanning for Tims Rewards the next time you make a purchase. Don’t forget to add the eligible item to your checkout basket for the offer to automatically apply.
  2. Mobile Order Bonus Points Offer Prizes will also appear in “Rewards & Offers.” Once activated, they will automatically be redeemed (with the applicable bonus points automatically credited to your account) the next time you place an eligible order in the Tims App.
  3. Tims Rewards Points prizes will automatically be added to your Tims Rewards account and can be redeemed in accordance with the Tims Rewards terms and conditions.
  4. Most Tim Card® prizes will be automatically added to your digital Tim Card® balance once won. In limited circumstances, however, you may receive an email at the address linked to your Tims Rewards account with a new digital Tim Card® enclosed.
  5. Winners of other prizes will receive on-screen and emailed instructions on how to claim their prizes; these instructions can also be accessed on-demand in the “Roll Up Rundown” section of Roll Up To Win™ game inside the Tims App or at

How Long Do I have to Redeem a Prize?

All Coffee, Donut, and Mobile Order Bonus Points Offer Prizes must be redeemed by April 29, 2022.

Any Coffee, Donut or Mobile Order Bonus Points Offer Prizes not redeemed by this date will expire and be forfeit.

All other prizes are subject to their respective prize claim deadlines and, as applicable, expiration dates, as outlined in the Official Rules, available at

Can I Earn and Redeem a Prize Within The Same Transaction?

Digital rolls must be revealed in the Tims App or online at before any resulting prize can be redeemed.

This means a Coffee or Donut Prize can only be redeemed during a subsequent visit.

Digital rolls will not be earned on products received by redeeming a Roll Up The Rim 2022 prize won earlier, Tims Rewards points, or a Tims it Forward gift.

Eligible purchases made in the same transaction as a prize redemption are still eligible to earn digital rolls.

Complete Roll Up the Rim 2022 Contest Rules

Check out for more information on Roll Up The Rim 2022.

Tim Hortons also has a Roll up the Rim 2022 Frequently Asked Questions.

Roll Up to Win 2022 Support

If you’re looking for more Roll Up To Win 2022 or general App support, please contact Tim Hortons at

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J Bush

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

PLEASE bring back the physical roll up the rim to win with the cups!!! Could say so much more here, but please make is simple again to enjoy this yearly event!! I did not use the app at all and you are definitely limiting this event now to certain customers which is a real shame!!

Denis Perreault

Saturday 30th of April 2022

I am very disappointed with the past two years roll up contest.In the past few years I was averaging 3-4 free coffees per week I would usually win 2-3 donuts per week as well.This has been consistent since roll up the rim started years ago......Now for the past two years using the online game I have only won an average of one coffee per week.This year was the worst yet.....Winning points that are basically useless prizes, plus Skull candy prizes and gas from gas stations that are not in the greater Toronto area... I am seriously considering moving my coffee business to someone else.

Thank You for reading this and trying to find out why when I try to log says I am an American......I Am Canadian.....and I am finding out that Tim Hortons has truly gone American.


Thursday 24th of March 2022

I have noticed lately that even though I buy four items (coffee and tea) that I am only receiving one roll. I thought each item was a separate roll, or did I just dream this up?


Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Roll up to win is a big scam to get people to buy coffee. McDonald's coffee is way better than Tim's.


Friday 11th of March 2022

I don’t know why Tim claim every roll up is a win. How can a win of additional points be a prize when you can’t even claim it unless you place a mobile order!!!!! What kind of prize is that, you have to spend more money before you can claim your prize!!!!! What a joke!!!! I’m so disappointed Tim Hortons


Sunday 3rd of April 2022

@Annoyed, I couldn't agree with you more. I had six rolls that I rolled up at once, five of which were points that did not even come close to adding up to the 70 points required for a free coffee. Plus, for the second time, I won a fucking coupon - 40% off of a really crappy brand of Skullcandy headphones that I would be forced to pay the other 60% for - and yet, for a second time! How many headsets do they expect a guest to purchase?? And furthermore - How is any of this allowed to be even called a 'PRIZE'? These are DISCOUNTS, at best. or COUPONS...And not good ones either. Why doesn't any other company or brand that offers/provides coupons to their customers just call them "prizes" as well? It's ridiculous and I'm surprised nobody has challenged Tim Hortons legally on this when they really should. And furthermore, just like they were supposed to write before the pandemic, bring back physical cups in addition to the digital contest. This way everyone can participate and not segregate the older generations who were essentially responsible for making Tim Hortons the brand that it was from the young kids that they think they're trying to attract - but couldn't give a flying fuck about Tim Hortons and their branding and typically prefer McDonald's or Starbucks. Nice try morons! Gee... I wonder why they fired most of the amazing capable Executives who built the well-known brand up and replace them with douchebag Millennials who think they know more than you, me and the entire universe, all the while by dragging down a once iconic brand by thinking they are doing everything right. I think you can see the trend now in the past 8 years since RBI was created with Tim Hortons / Burger King