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Old Montreal restaurant private dining at a hotel

Restaurants’ dining rooms in Montreal have been closed for over a week and no opening date has been announced.

Since dining out is one of Canadians’ favourite pastimes, several Old Montreal restaurants are joining forces with many neighbourhood hotels to provide a solution to those who miss travelling and dining out.

In fact, they are opening up their rooms to offer you an intimate culinary experience. 

Even though you can’t enjoy a meal in your favourite restaurant, you could still treat yourself to an amazing dining experience at a beautiful hotel.

Old Montreal restaurant private dining at a hotel
Credit: Pincette

Some restaurants and hotels are also offering staycation packages with a night where you can safely enjoy your meal. 

This innovative concept is the perfect way to surprise your loved ones after months spent inside.

Here are two amazing restaurants that are offering the types of packages where you can escape.


An intimate and chic shack in Old Montreal, Pincette is a lobster bar that offers a comforting cuisine that highlights Canadian East-coast seafood.

In collaboration with Auberge du Vieux-Port, Pincette’s staff is offering an amazing menu where lobster and other crustaceans are in the spotlight.

Don’t pinch yourself, you can enjoy their delicious seafood in Auberge du Vieux-Port’s beautiful & warm setting. 


Maggie Oakes is also offering the opportunity to enjoy a culinary experience in the heart of the beautiful Place Jacques-Cartier.

Taking place in the glamorous Hotel William Gray, this restaurant is offering a delicious 4-course menu prepared specially for the occasion.

Book a 3 or 4-course menu prepared specially for the occasion by the chefs of these amazing Old Montreal restaurants. Available for 2 to 4 guests, everything is served in one of the participating hotels’ rooms. Share a meal in your own private and intimate restaurant! You will for sure enjoy your weekend in Montreal! 

Take a look at all the available menus and packages by browsing the participating restaurants’ websites: 

● Pincette: 

● Maggie Oakes: 

All meals prepared by these restaurants are offered in collaboration with Old Montreal’s best boutique hotels, creating a unique experience.

Why not enjoy the best of the neighbourhood’s scenery by walking around, skating at the Old Port’s skating rink afterwards or getting a massage at Spa William Gray to relax and enjoy your weekend in Montreal?

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