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NEW KRAFT Dinnerware collection

For so many, KD Mac ‘N Cheese is more than just a meal; it’s a ritual that has fans reaching for the same spoon, bowl, and container through every stage of life. Not only does the cheesy deliciousness satisfy and comfort, but in time, the ingredients paprika and turmeric found in every delicious box can add a beautiful and lasting cheesy golden hue to kitchenware. KD has turned this subtle display of reassuring comfort into a proud statement. Introducing: the KRAFT Dinnerware collection, a new line of kitchenware pre-tinted to celebrate the iconic and beloved cheesy golden hue from Canada’s favourite Mac ‘N Cheese. The limited-edition collection is available nationwide, while supplies last.

NEW KRAFT Dinnerware collection

The new collection features a dinner bowl, a snack bowl, and a serving spoon, with all items sporting a golden ombre tint. Created in partnership with luxury home décor brand, Ann Sandra, and home design shop, Les Ottomans, the new KRAFT Dinnerware line-up is this summer’s must-have dishware collection. Now, when people proudly reach for a comforting bowl of KD, they can do it in style.

“For many Canadians, the ritual of making KD their own way goes beyond customizing with their favourite flavours, and often includes reaching for the same dedicated dishware every time they make it,” says Brian Neumann, Head of Brand Communications for Kraft Heinz Canada. “With the KRAFT Dinnerware collection, we’re celebrating this unsung part of the ritual, proudly highlighting the cheesy golden hue of our mac and cheese and the reassuring comfort KD has brought fans for over 85 years, because when you love something, it shows!”

The KRAFT Dinnerware collection also celebrates KD’s commitment to quality. KD’s original blue box is made with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives, and its iconic cheesy golden hue comes from the paprika and turmeric. 

Starting today, KD lovers can now order the KRAFT Dinnerware collection on for $30. To learn more about KRAFT Dinnerware, follow along on KD Canada’s Instagram page @KraftDinnerca.

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