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Negroni Week 2022 South Florida Highlights

Until September 18, imbibers can drink for a cause during the annual Negroni Week. Here are some highlights from participants in South Florida.

Negroni Week 2022 South Florida Highlights

Beaker & Gray

For Negroni Week, Ben Potts and Joe Jebelean are creating a fun riff on a boulevardier using Coopers Craft bourbon.


During Negroni Week, Bodega will be offering a $12 ‘Tropical Negroni’ featuring Mezcal, Giffard Pineapple, Toasted Coconut Campari, and Pune E Mes.

Bodega’s Negroni specials will be available at their Coconut Grove and West Palm Beach locations inside the mezcaleria. 

Cafe La Trova

For Negroni Week, Cafe La Trova will offer a special menu featuring five Negroni specials including: the Negroni Clásico ($14)with Ford’s Gin, Campari, and sweet Vermouth; Negroni Sbagliato ($15) with Campari, sweet Vermouth, and Prosecco; Mezcal Negroni ($14) with Mezcal Dos Hombres, Campari, and Mancino Kopi coffee Vermouth;  Boulevardier ($14)with Cooper’s Craft Bourbon, Campari, and sweet Vermouth; and the Frozen Negroni ($14)with Appleton Estate signature Rum, Campari, Mancino Kopi coffee Vermouth, orange & lime juice, and sugar. 

The Majestic

Highlighted will be the Koshow Negroni (Peppercorn Negroni) made with Roku Japanese gin, Campari, and strawberry peppercorn infused sweet vermouth ($14).

Cafe La Trov

Negroni Week is a very special week at Café La Trova, not just to celebrate the cocktail, but more importantly to support good causes. During this week bartenders come together as a community and contribute to charities. Cafe La Trova is proud to donate to Slow Food for Negroni Week; and through other activities like a community bike ride, support the Helen David Relief Fund which assists those in the bar industry who are undergoing treatment for, and recovery from, cancer. During Negroni Week, Cafe La Trova will feature four different negronis: the Classic Negroni; Coconut Negroni; Boulevardier; and Negroni Sbagliato.

Fiola Miami

Fiola Miami is offering Mr. A Negroni: Bombay Sapphire, Campari, Carpano Antica Vermouth, Ramazzotti Amaro.

Elevate Your September with Unique Negronis

Mo Bar + Lounge

Mo Bar + Lounge is offering Coffee Negroni: Coffee Infused Bombay Sapphire, Cocchi Americano, Campari, garnished with an Orange Twist and served on a big ice cube.

Elevate Your September with Unique Negronis

This coffee-flavored negroni with a bitter note and smooth aromatic finish is available as a special cocktail for Negroni Week. 

Sushi |Bar Miami Beach

Sushi |Bar Miami Beach is offering “Under the Clouds”: Los Magos Sotol, Pickled Ginger infused Junmai Sake, Strawberry Infused Campari, and Shiso Leaf Foam.

Elevate Your September with Unique Negronis


Tropezon is offering the following:

  • Tropezon Negroni: Gin, Tximista Rosso Vermouth, Peychaud’s Aperitivo, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Saline Solution
  • White Negroni: Brown Butter & Sage Gin, White Soy Bitter Bianco, Bandera Blanco

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