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Hydrating Face Mask: Fresh Rose Mask Review

With the winter season upon us, I decided to focus a bit more on maintaining hydrated skin in response to the cold and dry weather. One of the products that I have been using to help keep my skin in shape these last few months is the Fresh Rose Mask.

Hydrating Face Mask: Fresh Rose Mask Review

I’ve been a fan of Fresh products especially their Rose collection which focuses on hydration. The Fresh Rose Mask is one of their best selling masks. I purchased the 1 oz/30 mL version priced at $30 CDN from Sephora Canada. Here are my thoughts on the Fresh Rose Mask.


The key ingredients in the mask are pure rosewater (to soothe and tone); cucumber extract and aloe vera gel (to soothe, cool and calm); and porphyridium cruentum (a type of algae meant to deliver optium moisture).


The mask’s cucumber extract and aloe vera gel makes it easy to apply. I give my face a gentle cleanse first then apply the mask with a silicon brush. Leave on 5 – 10 minutes and then wash it off. It does not dry out so it is easy to remove as well.

PRO TIP: You can chill the container in the fridge before application for an extra cooling sensation. This might be beneficial after being in the sun.

Hydrating Face Mask: Fresh Rose Mask Review


Do you like the smell of fresh roses? I do. Honestly, I like to breathe in the container before applying the mask. The sweet, floral scent is soothing and puts a smile on my face.


After applying mask, my skin feels cool, calm and hydrated. I consider the mask as a good skin pick-me-up for that extra hydration boost. I wouldn’t rely on it solely to keep my skin hydrated but rather something extra on top of other products I use that have hydrating properties.

How long does the product last?

With the Fresh Rose Mask, I have been using as per needed based on how the dry and cold the weather has been. I still haven’t finished using all of the container but I estimate a 1 oz/30 mL would last me through 4 months of winter. However, it is gentle enough to be used daily.

Overall Impression

In general, I would keep the Rose Fresh Mask as part of my winter skin care routine. The results were reasonable for the price of the product. I would recommend it to others. Rating: 4/5

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