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Fortune House Seafood Restaurant

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Disclaimer:  All food in this review was complimentary.  Opinions are my own.

For over 25 years, Fortune House Seafood Restaurant has been delighting diners with their delicious Chinese cuisine.  Last week, I was invited to a YVR Foodies meetup at Fortune House Seafood where we indulged in a multi-course Chinese New Year feast.


Metropolis Metrotown

Fortune House Seafood is conveniently located on the second level of Metropolis in Metrotown.  You will certainly pass by it if you are coming into the mall from the Skytrain.  The interior of the restaurant is definitely of a more upscale Chinese restaurant.

What I Tried

Our feast consisted of nine courses:

  • Assorted vegetable tempura with homemade garlic chili sauce
  • Dim sum trio: dumpling, deep fried meat dumpling, sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf
  • XO sauce stir fry beef tenderloin, mixed peppers, deep fried milk, birds nest
  • Deep fried tilapia, house sweet and sour sauce, crispy rice
  • Garlic steam fresh scallop served in shell, vermicelli, infused oil
  • Marinated tender pork ribs, coconut curry drizzle, seasonal greens
  • Traditional soy sauce chicken
  • Fried rice
  • Mango pudding

The assorted vegetable tempura with homemade garlic chili sauce was presented in a rather unique way – a martini glass.  I enjoyed the crispy batter, however, the garlic chili sauce was either very subtle or just missing entirely.  Either way,  it was an interesting start to the meal.


Next up was the dim sum trio: shrimp dumpling, deep fried meat dumpling, and sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf.  It was a bit unusual to have these items as part of the dinner, however it was intended that everyone be able to sample the dim sum from Fortune House.

The dim sum items were pretty good overall  The shrimp dumpling was rather big and the filling tasted of mostly shrimp rather than fillers.  The deep fried meat dumpling had a lovely chewy and sweet skin with a tasty filling.  I also quite enjoyed the sticky rice wrap in bamboo leaf which was not MSG-ladded and did not leave a weird aftertaste.


The XO sauce stir fry beef tenderloin with mixed peppers, deep fried milk, and bird’s nest was one of the star dishes of the meal.  The presentation was exquisite due to the eye-catching bird’s nest and various colors from the stir-fry.

The beef tenderloin was moist, tender and was rich in flavour.  The deep fried milk was a tad too heavy for my liking, so the beef tenderloin was really the highlight of the dish.



The deep fried tilapia with house sweet and sour sauce and crispy rice was a saucy and comforting dish.  The sweet and sour sauce was just right, and the crispy rice was in fact very crispy!


The garlic steam fresh scallop served in shell, vermicelli, and infused oil was beautifully plated.  The two scallops were decently sized but the garlic flavour was a bit too strong.


Next up was the marinated tender pork ribs with coconut curry drizzle and seasonal greens.  The meat was tender and could be easily taken off the bone.


The traditional soy sauce chicken was average.  The chicken was nicely moist and tender and not overly doused in soy sauce.


We were also given a rather basic fried rice as an accompaniment to the more flavourful dishes.


Finally, to finish off this delightful feast, was a very cute mango pudding Koi fish.  It had a nice mango flavour and held well together.


Mealshare Partnership

Fortune House is also officially now a Mealshare partner and one of the biggest ones to date!  If you purchase a dessert from Fortune House, another person in need will receive a meal.  Mealshare items from Fortune House include egg tarts, steamed Malay sponge cake to name a few.

Dim Sum Making Class

Food Connections is hosting a Chinese Cooking class at Fortune House on March 28th.  If you ever want to know how to make some popular Cantonese dishes like steamed shrimp dumplings and traditional soy sauce chicken, check out the class here.

Overall Impression of Fortune House

All in all, I really noticed that Fortune House had some really beautifully presented dishes.  My top picks of the meal were XO sauce stir fry beef tenderloin with mixed peppers, deep fried milk, and bird’s nest; the deep fried tilapia with house sweet and sour sauce; and crispy rice and the mango pudding Koi fish.  Rating: 3.5/5

For more information on Fortune House, visit their website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

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Sunday 28th of February 2016

WOW! Your photos came out really nicely! :)