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Things to do in Vancouver with Kids this Summer: Flyover Canada [Review]

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One popular attraction in Vancouver that is good for all ages is Flyover Canada, a multi-dimensional theatre flying experience at Canada Place.

Flyover Canada Review Things to do in Vancouver

The entire experience lasts approximately 25 minutes. This includes the preshow Uplift, the pre-flight briefing in the boarding zone, and the 8 minutes you’ll spend on the Ultimate Flying Ride.

I was invited to try Flyover Canada and to share my thoughts on the experience. Here’s a look at what to expect with this attraction.


Renowned Canadian multimedia studio Moment Factory created the excellent preshow , “Uplift,” which showcases the different facets of Canada through the eyes of five Canadians.

Featured in the film are Alex Burrows (the professional hockey player); a young girl on a Prairie farm with her grandfather; a mountain man exploring a thick forest; an urban photographer; and a couple of parkour athletes in a city core.

Guests enter a room that has a surround theatre that makes full use of a multifaceted canvas incorporating 2D and 3D animations as well as 360-degree video projection mapping.

Flyover Canada Review Things to do in Vancouver

I was definitely captivated by the film and there’s a lot of detail to take in as you observe the various details in front, to the side and behind. It certainly did a GREAT job of building anticipation and contributing to the overall FlyOver experience.

Ultimate Flying Ride

The Flying Ride is a simulation of a flight from coast to coast across Canada through the path of a bird. You can strapped into moving, pivoting and lifting seats to get the same sensation of flying.

I loved the twists and turns the flight takes you over and around mountains. There were some great 4D features like water mist as you fly over Niagara and and pine scent through the forest.

Overall Impression

We had a great time at Flyover Canada and would recommend it for visitors and locals alike. The attraction is also very well organized and the staff are very professional and friendly. PRO TIP: BC Residents save up to 20% at Flyover Canada.