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Cheetos Cheetle Hand Statue in Cheadle Alberta

Cheetos lovers are some of the most passionate snackers in the game, and they know that you can’t enjoy the cheesy snack without getting your fingertips a little —okay, a lot—messy.

Cheetos Cheetle Hand Statue in Cheadle Alberta

That’s why, the Cheetos brand is proud to unveil the Cheetle Hand Statue in Cheadle, Alberta—a monumental celebration of the iconic orange dust, Cheetle, in a hamlet that sounds just like it.

That’s right, Canada, there’s an official term—and now a statue—for the powdery residue that’s left behind after eating your favourite Cheetos snacks—whether it’s Puffs, Crunchy or new Cheetos Popcorn.

In fact, according to the dictionary, “Cheetle is the brand name for the powdery residue that gets on your fingertips while eating the savoury cheese snack, Cheetos.”

The more you know…

Large, unconventional monuments have been popping up around the world for years, and now Cheetos is making its orange mark in Cheadle, Alberta.

The Cheetos brand, rooted in mischievous fun, was on the lookout for the perfect home for its statue until it came across a hamlet in Alberta with a kindred name, Cheadle. (What could be more perfect?)

Standing at almost 17ft tall, the Cheetle Hand Statue is of a hand proudly holding a Cheetos Puffs snack, with its Cheetle-dipped fingers boldly on show in central Cheadle.

Canadians have until November 4 to visit the Cheetle Hand Statue on 400 Railway Ave in Cheadle, AB and pay homage to their love of Cheetle and Cheetos snacks IRL.

If you stop by, make sure to share your photos of you and the statue on social media by tagging @cheetoscanada and using #CheetleinCheadle and #ItsaCheetosThing.

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