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Best Waffles Buena Park CA 2022: Where to Buy

Waffles have been delighting our taste buds since the 1200s, adapting from a biscuit-style snack to a decadent sweet topped with honey. Today, we traditionally enjoy them with a cup of morning brew and a side of syrup. But many have taken waffles to the next level with unique ingredients and specialty toppings. Here is a roundup of where to buy the Best Waffles Buena Park California.

In-sīt Coffee

Kicking off this list of Best Waffles Buena Park is In-sīt Coffee.

Enjoy a classic toasted croffle sans toppings or choose from strawberries and cream, tiramisu, matcha, or their signature flavor.

Coffee Code

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Coffee Code’s specialty waffles will blow your mind.

Offerings include fruit, chocolate, strawberry cream, and classic.

But the real star is the scoop of ice cream that comes on top in addition to the syrup.

Best waffles Buena Park
Credit: Coffee Code

Sunrise Café

Home cooking at its finest, Sunrise Café whips up made-to-order waffles that can be topped with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, and whipped cream.

Make it a combo and choose 2 eggs any style, and a side of bacon or sausage.

A true American breakfast.

Basilur Tea & Coffee

The team at Basilur Tea & Coffee has outdone themselves and crafted a vibrant purple Ube waffle that comes topped with powdered sugar, Ube ice cream, and fresh berries.

No waffle ever looked so photogenic.

Best waffles Buena Park
Credit: Basilur Tea & Coffee

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner

If you’re sitting down for a meal at Mrs. Knott’s, fried chicken is a must.

Their chicken and waffles are drizzled in Canadian maple syrup and given the added Knott’s touch – a dollop of country gravy.

Don Melt

If you love croissants and you love waffles, head over to Don Melt for their inventive croffles.

A croissant is toasted in a waffle iron, and then topped with sweets such as whipped cream with strawberries, matcha, tiramisu, apple cinnamon, Injeolmi, or blueberry!

Best waffles Buena Park
Credit: Don Melt

Black Bear Diner

Prepare your taste buds when you visit Black Bear Diner because their sweet cream waffles add a level of decadence to breakfast.

Malted milk is used to give each stack a cake-like texture like you’ve never had before.

Broken Yolk Café

The most impressive use of a Belgian waffle goes to Broken Yolk Café.

The infamous chicken and waffles is transformed into an eggs benedict delight.

The dish includes two quartered waffles topped with chicken tenders, poached eggs, and a rich hollandaise sauce.

Best waffles Buena Park
Credit: Broken Yolk Café


Among Overflo.’s lineup of photo-ready treats is a waffle that comes packed with the gelato of your choice.

If that isn’t amazing enough, add toppings such as caramel, strawberry, red bean, tiramisu, and more.

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