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Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 15+ Places to Eat and Drink

Toronto has a world-class dining scene that caters to foodies of any budget and with any palate. Here is a roundup of the best restaurants in Toronto for your next gastronomic adventure.

Please do check on the restaurant ahead of time for their most recent offerings (dine-in, takeout or delivery) and hours.

The restaurants are listed in no particular order.


Award-winning Alo is not only one of the best restaurants in Toronto but in Canada as well.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022
Credit: Alo

They are Canada’s only restaurant to have made it on the coveted World’s 100 Best Restaurants list.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022
Credit: Alo

On the menu is contemporary French cuisine that is internationally inspired and celebrates the finest in seasonal ingredients.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022
Credit: Alo

Guests can enjoy blind-tasting, multi-course menus. Be sure to grab a reservation as they are released on Tock.

163 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON

Barnsteiner’s Restaurant

Owned and operated by Michelle and Herbert Barnsteiner, well-known restauranteurs in the Toronto area, Barnsteiner’s Restaurant is a true labor of love.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022
Credit: Barnsteiner’s Restaurant

With a rustic, pan-European inspired menu, Barnsteiner’s Restaurant is a great place to go for a group that has diverse palates.

At Barnsteiner’s Restaurant, you can order anything and everything from appetizers like oysters and calamari, to pizza, pasta, and hearty main dishes like steak and schnitzel.

Barnsteiner’s Restaurant also has an impressive wine list to accompany the food menu.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022
Credit: Barnsteiner’s Restaurant

Some dishes inspired by the Chef’s homeland include the Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal scallopini) and Kaese Spaetzle (long hand shaved noodles with gruyere chese).

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022
Credit: Barnsteiner’s Restaurant

1 Balmoral Ave, Toronto, ON


Byblos offers delicious Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary twist that you don’t want to miss out on.

Credit: Byblos

The Chefs utilize traditional flavors and cooking techniques combined with fresh, local ingredients.

The result is a mosaic of delectable Mediterranean dishes with unique spices and flavors that jump off the plate.

Credit: Byblos

The menu at Byblos is well-curated, and reflects the regional variations that can be found in the Mediterranean.

From starters like m’taabal and a yummy hummus plate, to main dishes like short rib kebabs and grilled branzino that are made to share, Byblos’ food is authentic and mouthwatering.

Credit: Byblos

In keeping with the culture of the Mediterranean, Byblos’ dishes are served family-style in a warm, welcoming environment that draws you in.

The cocktail-heavy bar menu is also filled with delicious Mediterranean flavors that perfectly complement the food.

Credit: Byblos

11 Duncan St, Toronto, ON

Sushi Masaki Saito

If you’re looking for premium, traditional sushi in Toronto, Sushi Masaki Saito is the best possible option.

Credit: Sushi Masaki Saito

Sushi Masaki Saito is the first and only restaurant in Canada to house a two Michelin-starred chef, chef Masaki Saito himself.

Having been trained in Japan, Masaki Saito has unparalleled knowledge when it comes to the art of sushi.

Sushi Masaki Saito is an omakase-style sushi restaurant, meaning that the chef will curate a multi-course meal with top quality, seasonal seafood dishes.

Credit: Sushi Masaki Saito

When it comes to fresh sushi, the quality of the ingredients is crucial- which is why Sushi Masaki Saito only invests in premium seafood, to ensure the ultimate freshness and flavor.

While Sushi Masaki Saito is by no means cheap at $680 per person for an omakase service, if you have the funds, it’s more than worth a visit.

Credit: Sushi Masaki Saito

88 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON


Buca is one of the most celebrated Italian restaurants in Toronto with two locations (one on King Street, and the other in Yorkville).

Credit: Buca

There you will find inventive, artisanal fare, rooted in Italian tradition with a changing menu reflecting the seasonality of the ingredients.

Credit: Buca

Indulge in some amazing pasta dishes like Pasta Carbonara (featuring Spaghettini faella from Napoli with guanciale, pecorino romano, hen’s egg yolk and black pepper) as well as delectable pizzas like Polpo Aglio E Olio (braised octopus, bone marrow, fermented chili, pickled garlic, parsley).

Credit: Buca

604 King St W, Toronto, ON
53 Scollard Street front entrance located via Yorkville Avenue through the Four Seasons Courtyard, Toronto, ON

Lake Inez

Next on this roundup of best restaurants in Toronto is Lake Inez, a cozy little restaurant in Toronto that serves tasty Asian-inspired comfort food and an expansive craft beer menu.

Credit: Lake Inez

The perfect spot for food and drink lovers alike, Lake Inez has a homey, eclectic atmosphere that is the perfect spot to spend an hour (or two, or three) with friends.

Antique furniture and a stained glass mural give Lake Inez a definitely classy yet warm ambience.

There is also a mosaic of Kate Bush, Virginia Woolf, and a magpie.

Credit: Lake Inez

Led by Chef Robbie Hojilla, the menu incorporates many different Asian flavors and changes regularly, so new fresh and tasty options are always popping up.

The dishes are offered in both small and large plate options, so groups can share as they wish.

The drinks menu at Lake Inez does not disappoint either- with twenty-four rotating taps stocked with local craft beer, even those with the most delicate of pallets will be able to find a brew that suits their taste buds.

Credit: Lake Inez

1471 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen embodies the phrase “made with love.”

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen was opened in 2008, and it has since become of the best restaurants in Toronto for brunch.

Credit: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Start off with their infamous buttery currant scones or flakey buttermilk biscuits served with our house-made apple butter jam.

Next try a stack of their Wild Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with Lanark County organic maple syrup and whipped cream. These fluffy pancakes are well worth the wait.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

For dessert, get their profiteroles filled with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream, smothered with warm chocolate and caramel sauces.

To complement your meal, you’ll find an eclectic selection of wines, microbrew ales and sinfully chic cocktails.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

With ingredients that are locally sourced and seasonal, expertly prepared from scratch and creatively served, you’ll leave with a full heart and a (very) full stomach.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

The hospitality at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is exceptional, with both back and front of house staff that are knowledgeable, creative, attentive, and impeccably trained.

When dining at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, you’re sure to have an outstanding customer service experience.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is the perfect brunch spot in Toronto to visit with your loved ones, as the warm atmosphere provides the perfect environment for deep conversation and close connections.

85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto, ON

New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse

New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for Cajun cuisine.

The restaurant is run by husband and wife duo, Mike and Mira Djurdjevic who spearhead he front and back of house teams.

Mira’s culinary focus is fresh, seasonal ingredients with classic Cajun flavors, while the front of the house ensures that patrons enjoy a classy yet comfortable dining experience with impeccable service.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse

Contributing to the ambience, the restaurant is tastefully decorated and embraces the New Orleans inspiration by playing light jazz music across the restaurant.

With weekly specials, New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse does a great job of keeping its menu fresh and updated while maintaining classic Cajun dishes like seafood gumbo, shrimp creole, and jambalaya.

267 Scarlett Rd, York, ON


Scaramouche is one of Toronto’s finest restaurants and an absolute must-visit.

They’re also one of the best restaurants in Toronto with a view of the city skyline.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: Scaramouche

Led by Chef and owner Keith Froggette, the dishes at Scaramouche are prepared expertly, yet simply, which allows all the delicate, perfectly balanced flavors to pop.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: Scaramouche

Serving sophisticated French haute cuisine, Scaramouche’s menu includes mouthwatering options like Yellowfin Tuna Tartare with sesame tempura; Foie Gras Terrine with sea salt brioche, pickled grapes, riesling jelly, and triple crunch mustard; and House made Gnocchi Parisienne with wild mushrooms, peas, spinach and truffled porcini sauce.

Best Restaurants in Toronto 2022: 12+ Places to Eat and Drink
Credit: Scaramouche

They also have an impressive wine and drink list to complement the food menu, so that every dish has a perfect match.

The restaurant is also known for their flawless service, with exceptionally knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto, ON

Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

For a taste of the warmth and vibrancy of Jamaican culture, visit Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen – one of the best restaurants in Toronto for home-style Jamaican food.

Credit: Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

On the menu are Jerk chicken or pork; curries like goat, shrimp and oxtail stew; Jamaican snacks like patties and wings; and Caribbean desserts like coconut guava tart.

Credit: Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

Wash it all down with a signature tropical cocktail like the Jamaican Mule (Kraken spiced rum, ginger beer, Jamaican bitters) or Hibiscus Mojito (Appleton signature rum, sorrel, mint, lime, ginger beer).

Guests are also a huge fan of the resort-like interior décor that immediately puts you at ease.

Credit: Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

104 Portland St, Toronto, ON


Craving brunch?

School has you covered- and no, there won’t be a test, unless you count the ultimate multiple choice question of what to order.

School operates as a bakery, cafe, bar and restaurant, so you can dine in whichever manner is most convenient, though the dine-in brunch menu is highly recommended.

It’s about simple ingredients, friendly service and a vibrant atmosphere.

School’s brunch is truly something to behold- with stacks of ultra-thick and fluffy pancakes and out-of-this-world French toast, those with a sweet tooth will be in sugar heaven at School.

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please.

Those who prefer more savory options won’t exactly be disappointed, either.

With dishes like buttermilk fried chicken & waffles, hashbrown poutine and (of course), avocado toast, everyone will be able to find something they love at School.

The décor at School brings the theme to the next level with apples on tables and Saved by the Bell playing on the TV, you’ll be transported back to your school days, but with a much better cafeteria.

Make sure to get a reservation as it tends to get quite busy on weekends.

Your ideal brunch awaits you.

70 Fraser Ave, Toronto, ON


Next up is one of the best restaurants in Toronto for Italian cuisine.

Much like the name itself, Giulietta is a beautiful, classy Italian restaurant.

Credit: Giulietta

With fresh ingredients and a back-to-basics approach, Giulietta proves that complicated recipes and overloaded dishes are not always better.

Sometimes, a simple dish made with premium ingredients is just what you need.

Credit: Giulietta

In keeping with the theme of simplicity, Giulietta’s menu contains many classic Italian dishes, with fresh flavors that jump off the plate, but never overwhelm your palette.

Pastas and sauces are made from scratch and served fresh.

Credit: Giulietta

The tagliolini alla genovese features braised veal cheek rague.

Try their risotto alla pescatore made with bay scallops, mussels, squid, tomato and white wine.

972 College St, Toronto, ON

Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

For some of the best dim sum in Toronto, head to Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant.

You’ll find the classic dim sum dishes (like Har Gow shrimp dumplings), deep fried varieties (like Deep Fried Chicken Spring Roll), sweet dishes (like Egg Tart and Pan Fried Water Chestnut Cake) and vegetarian options (like Rice Noodle Roll with Snow Pea Shoots and Mushroom).

Some of the chef’s recommendations are Pan Fried Pork with Vegetarian Dumpling and Pan Fried Seafood Pancake.

421 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Miku or Minami Toronto

Known for innovative Aburi-style (sear-torched sushi), Miku and their sister restaurant Minami are two top sushi restaurants in Toronto to check out.

Credit: Aburi Restasurants

In Aburi cuisine, each piece of sushi is flame-seared using a blowtorch resulting in sushi with a smoky aroma and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Credit: Aburi Restasurants

The menu features seasonal and locally sourced ingredients and is inspired by Toronto’s diverse flavours.

Credit: Aburi Restasurants

Guests will love their sultry interior while enjoying contemporary Japanese fare.

Credit: Aburi Restasurants

Miku – 10 Bay St. #105, Toronto, ON
Minami – 225 King St W Suite 100, Toronto, ON

Swatow Restaurant

Located in the heart of Toronto Chinatown is family-owned and operated Swatow Restaurant who has been serving the community no frills, quick service Cantonese-style Chinese food for over 40 years.

Credit: Swatow

Popular dishes include shrimp wonton soup, beef fried noodles, chicken fried rice, and General Tao chicken and more.

Credit: Swatow

On a cold, winter’s night, you’ll certainly be comforted by the hearty dishes at Swatow that’s hot, fresh and prepared in large portions.

309 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON

Wilbur Mexicana

Wilbur Mexicana is where you will find some of the best Mexican food in Toronto.

Some highlights of the menu include the Shrimp & Shrooms Quesadilla (featuring Jack & oaxaca cheese, green salsa, chipotle shrimp and mushrooms) as well as the Fajitas (a sizzling skillet of peppers, onions, brown salsa, melted cheese and your choice of protein).

552 King St W, Toronto, ON 

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