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A&W Canada NEW Masala Veggie Burger

Earlier this year, A&W Canada introduced the Spicy Piri Piri Burger, inspired by a menu hack tailored to complement South-Asian vegetarian preferences for meatless burger options.

A&W Canada NEW Masala Veggie Burger

A&W is now taking it a step further by introducing the new Masala Veggie Burger.

This burger features a crispy patty made with real vegetables, Nanak® paneer, and a zesty masala mix, celebrating authentic South Asian flavors. It has been crafted for those seeking a deliciously spicy, vegetable-forward veggie burger experience.

A significant portion of the South Asian community prefers or follows a vegetarian diet. However, the burger landscape in Canada has offered limited options for a “proper” veggie burger experience.

The Masala Veggie Burger is available for a limited time at participating A&W locations in Ontario.

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