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Wines for Thanksgiving

Here’s a roundup of wines for Thanksgiving that pair well with a variety of Thanksgiving meals including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and dessert.

2013 Kenefick Ranch Petite Sirah

This fruit-forward favorite has aromas formed from plum, bright berry, and spicy notes.

Wines for Thanksgiving

A silkiness is provided by blackberry preserve, and with strong hints of spice and pepper, this will pair great with stuffing, along with both white and dark turkey meat.

Pairing powerhouse berries with a wine that shares their bright acidity and floral edge, this also makes a great pair with cranberry sauce.

The complexity of this wine helps bring out the flavors of your traditional Thanksgiving meal – making the fan-favorite meal even more delectable.

2021 Kenefick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

The concentrated flavors of lychee and honeydew pop out of the glass, creating a tangy aroma of grapefruit and tangerine zest.

Wines for Thanksgiving

Its herbaceous flavors pair beautifully with sides like green beans and asparagus, and the creamy palate of mashed potatoes will help support a crisp finish.

The wine’s higher acidity makes it a pristine pairing for Thanksgiving, and acts as a palate cleanser to rich gravies and meats.

2016 Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road White

Dry, crispy, and fruity, this white contains a floral essence to pair great with a classic pumpkin or pecan pie to bring out its elegant peach, apricot, and pear notes.

Wines for Thanksgiving

All these flavors are underlined by a rich grapefruit and white peach presence on the entry to double the sweetness, balancing the super sweet flavors.

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