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Tim Hortons reusable cups policy 2022 + discount on drinks

Beginning April 6, Tim Hortons will reintroduce the option for guests to bring their own reusable cups to restaurants and drive-thrus.

Tim Hortons cold beverages in reusable cups

Guests will also be able to order cold beverages in their own reusable cups for the first time.

The opportunity to minimise the usage of single-use cups is now even larger by providing the option of having cold beverages supplied in reusable cups.

Cold drink options include Iced Capps, Cold Brew, iced coffees and iced lattes, Quencher beverages, Lemonade and Frozen Lemonade, Creamy Chills and smoothies.

Discount for using reusuable cups

Guests at Tim’s will enjoy a ten-cent discount on beverages purchased in their own clean reusable cups, which will help reduce the usage of single-use cups.

Tim Hortons reusable cups policy

Guests must bring a clean reusable cup in excellent condition to meet health and safety and product quality standards.

Team members will not clean or serve beverages in cups that are cracked or have apparent damage.

Guests purchasing through the drive-thru must have a cover for their reusable cup in order to be served securely.

Guests will be able to order ahead of time via the Tims app and notify the restaurant that they will be bringing their own cup in the future.

Team members will prepare their beverage in advance using a clean in-restaurant reusable cup, which they will then transfer to the guest’s cup when they arrive.

Other facts

In 2019, Tim Hortons served approximately 15 million hot beverage orders in reusable cups, reducing their use of single-use cups.

Several Tim Hortons restaurants are also in the process of restoring in-restaurant dishware, including as cups, plates, and silverware, for guests to use.

In 2019, Tim Hortons processed approximately 52 million orders utilising in-restaurant dishware, and they look forward to bringing those choices back as soon as possible.

At participating locations, Tims reusable drinkware is available for purchase. At the end of the month, participating eateries will have a new collection of stainless steel mugs, tumblers, and straws.

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Sunday 30th of July 2023

I have tried to order an iced Capp from the app and tried to do the bring reusable cup option but it just says no, and also brought in my own mug into the store for an iced Capp and again no option for that either as the cashier looks confused about the reusable cup option for iced Capps.


Friday 13th of January 2023

I saved my Tim Hortons cup after using it once. I washed it clean. It looked like new. I brought it to my Tim Hortons to fill with coffee because of the new bring your own cup policy and they said nope. You can’t reuse our cups. The Tim Hortons press release says as long as it’s clean and not damaged it can be used. Into the garbage it goes.


Wednesday 21st of September 2022

How do I delete comments since my last one is invalid to myself because of details I discovered today?

The cold bev. cup has 3, very hard to see, marks on it I never noticed for months and stuff happens. Including confusion and escalation from that.

I say Tim Hortons HQ screwed up bad. I can understand wanting to retain the see through Iced Capp style cup for the Cold Re-usable cup but keep it the same.

The 'everything cloudy' look is the opposite of the standard Iced Capp look and it's confusing since I'm new to the re-usable cup thing.

Thanks for making me look like a complete and total asshole both here and in public dumbasses for the months of circle jerking. That was sarcasm btw. You HQ people are pieces of sh**!

I say recall all cold bev. cups so they can fix the, IMO, design flaw of those 3 lines that protrude on the INSIDE of the cup and be like the maple leaf and TH name being see through also be see through to avoid months of confusion since no one mentions them in store or otherwise. I noticed them by pure chance this 12 hours ago after months of this being out!

10/10 Tim Hortons Individual Stores 0/10 Tim Hortons Dev. Team K.I.S.S.

It means 'Keep It Simple Stupid' since you're too ________ for that.


Sunday 18th of September 2022

I have attempted to make use of this offer as it'll save me some coin in the long run. I have been denied every single time. The only time I've actually gotten it was by telling the worker and, presumably, their supervisor that they have a sticker on the front door that says so. This was after the worker grabbed the other and the supervisor telling me they don't do the discount. Upon the worker returning after checking for the sticker it took the same supervisor maybe 5-10 seconds to apply the discount.

This is extremely disrespectful and frustrating. I have contacted Tim Hortons via website and was told to be patient; this was 5 months in. IMO when a new offer like this or really anything happens at 1/2 month of start managers should have it mastered; at 1 month the supervisors; at 1.5 months everyone normally working the area should; by 2 months there is a management problem to address; by 2.5 months disciplinary action should be taken; by 3 months dismissals.

I am done playing it nice. My cups are barely used and undamaged. Completely toxic, disloyal, and unacceptable. At least with this article I can call them out on their bullshit.

Nice program, terrible workers (up to and including managers (bakers exempt)), and a failure to execute.

It is understandable for a store to deny the discount only if they don't have a door sticker, a physical sign, or an ad on a screen in the building. These locations have such things.

Regina, SK 4455 Rochdale Blvd 2105 Victoria Ave E 275 Albert St N 4225 Albert St

0/10 Tim Hortons


Saturday 17th of September 2022

So if I buy a cup from Tim Hortons I save 10 cents? And they even pour my ice capp in the cup for me? 🤔🤔🤔. I think even Tim Hortons need some training because I still haven't saved any money on my ice Capps and I need to pour it in my own cup. They are slacking at there jobs.


Wednesday 21st of September 2022

@Sabbi, Same prob for me (minus myself pouring into my cup they say they need to pout into another cup as if to avoid pouring into the instore reusable cup they should have according to robochatTH). The protocol is they should have an In-Store Reusable Cup they have to use and they are required to pour it in there, based on my chat with robochatTH (that's my name for them).

You also can't have whipped topping for cross-contamination reasons (i didnt know but they did it somewhere anyway b/c I think they were unaware). I was told by robochatTH.

Best tip from experience as a fellow customer is you'll be feeling like you're pulling teeth or verbally twisting an arm. Make sure there's something that says the store honors the 10cent discount within it or on it. They will fight you on it otherwise. The signage is your only help.

If it doesn't have anything, expect nothing.

If it does they might not be aware the cold cup has 3 marks on it. Make it aware to them. It might change something with them. I found out earlier today the has 3 very hard to see marks for Iced Capps on it. I have yet to test this, and I have no affiliation with them beyond customer.

A recall needs to happen because those marks aren't easy for us customers to see on purpose. They should be as clear as the TH name and Maple Leaf on both sides of the cup.