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Simple Summer Sangria Recipe to try for Canada Day

With Canada Day on the horizon and seasonal fruits aplenty, this is a great time to relive a summer classic – sangria!   This classic Spanish quencher gets a homemade twist with the addition of made in Canada ingredients.

Rediscover the sangria and make use of the summer months to experiment with different Canadian wines with suggestions from Arterra Wines Canada, the country’s leading producer of award-winning and globally recognized wines.

Some popular white and red Canadian varieties, available in liquor stores across Canada, include:

For this recipe you need

  • 1 bottle of Canadian wine – like any of the wines above
  • ½ bottle of Jackson-Triggs Reserve Sparkling Wine ($15.95/750mL)
  • 1 cup of ginger ale
  • 2 cups Canadian apple cider – like Growers Premium Dry Cider
  • 1 tbsp of Canadian maple syrup
  • Assorted red fruit, such as locally grown strawberries – which are currently in season across Canada

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day!

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