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Salt & Straw Cereal-sly Delicious Series Returns

Salt & Straw ice cream’s Cereal-sly Delicious Series is back! A true fan favorite, the series features five unique flavors, created by co-founder and ice cream innovator Tyler Malek, and is inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood cereals. 

Salt & Straw’s Cereal-sly Delicious Series Returns [Ice Cream Inspired by Nostalgic Cereal]

Available in scoop shops and via nationwide shipping, the Cereal-sly Delicious Series features a pastry chef’s take on cereal ice cream and embraces everyone’s inner child by evoking memories of Saturday morning cartoons and the comforting ritual of enjoying a bowl of cereal. This series is an elevated dessert option for continuing these traditions, perfectly timed for National Cereal Day on March 7th. 

Salt & Straw will also be continuing their partnership with OffLimits, the cult-favorite, female-founded cereal company and first-ever cereal brand to feature a female mascot on their box. 

Flavors include:

  • Pots of Gold & Rainbows This legendary favorite has been on Salt & Straw’s menu since 2013, made with Lucky Charms cereal, which is hand-sorted to steep the whole-grain cereal into a sweet cream ice cream base, creating a sweetened cereal milk ice cream, which is then combined with a mountain of rainbow marshmallows.
  • Peanut Butter Brownie Cereal Puffs – Chocolate & sweet cream ice cream are churned together and marbled with a silky peanut butter, which gets folded with double-baked, bite-sized brownie bits coated in a chocolate peanut butter glaze.
  • Cornflake Cookies with Marionberry Jam – Housemade caramelized cornflake cookies made with browned butter are crumbled into malted, cereal milk ice cream, swirled with ribbons of bright marionberry jam.
  • OffLimits™ Zombie w/ Coconut & Pandan (v) – Made with Zombie Pandan cereal from OffLimits, inspired by the remarkably versatile Southeast Asian plant known for its distinct notes of coconut and vanilla; the cereal is tossed with a buttery glaze, folded into ice cream flavored with coconut and muscovado–a subtly smokey dark brown sugar, and swirled with glowing green ribbons of pandan to finish the flavor with a dazzling coconut kick.
  • Rum Custard w/ Raisin Shortbread & Bran ButterGolden raisin shortbread cookies are slathered in frosting made from raisins and nutty bran butter, and tossed into an ultra-decadent rum custard ice cream, then swirled with a velvety, raisin-studded bran butter to add notes of warmth for a rich bite reminiscent of bran cereal soaked in milk. 

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