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Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo

Sakuraco’s June subscription box is inspired by the timeless charm of traditional Tokyo. The Tokyo Skytree Baked Chocolate and Tokyo Plate were my favorites!

Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo

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If you’re unfamiliar, Sakuraco is a Japanese snacks and candy subscription box service showcasing Japanese small businesses and promoting cultural exchange, while also giving you a unique and authentic taste of Japan.

Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo
Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo

Here’s a look at what’s inside the box:

Tokyo Skytree Baked Chocolate

This treat has been baked with rich chocolate sandwiched in a sweet cookie dough.

Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo

Sugar & Brown Sugar Thunder Okoshi

Adorned with an image of Senso-ji Temple’s iconic red lantern, these crisp rice cake confections have sugar and brown sugar flavours.

Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo

Kuromame Tea

This kuromame, or black bean tea, is created from 100% domestic black soybeans, slow-roasted and finely ground. It’s caffeine-free and rich in antioxidants with a savoury and subtly sweet flavour.

Sakuraco June Subscription Box: Traditions of Tokyo

Mizu Warabimochi

Clear like a droplet of water, this warabimochi has a smooth texture and light flavour that pairs well with molasses and soybean flour.

Adzuki & Custard Edo Matsuir Ningyo-yaki

These Ningyo-yaki or baked dolls are a cherished treat for the Edo festival. The designs on these moist sponge cake embrace luscious custard and sweet adzuki fillings.

Vegetable Karinto

These colourful vegetable karinto have sweet and savoury flavours and are made with sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, spinach and onion infused into deep-fried dough.

Cheese & Pepper Otsumami

Rich, cheese-flavoured Japanese rice puffs and fried peanuts. These are seasoned with a hint of pepper.

Hineri Arare

These savoury arare are delicately twisted and fried to perfection. Seasoned with a touch of salt and a balanced blend of spices

Tokyo Plate

This plate is a collaboration between Sakuraco and Bloom and features iconic Japanese motifs and Tokyo landmarks including Tokyo Tower, Kaminarimon Gate, Tokyo Skytree and more

Mochi Monaka

Monaka is a traditional Japanese delicacy which as a delicate water encasing soft gyuhi mochi and sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido adzuki beans.

Hanatsumi Gummies

These sweet fruit gummies embrace the vibrant colors of Japan’s hydrangea season. Each pack contains five flavors: strawberry, melon, Kyoho grape, grapefruit and ramune.

Milk Tea Belgian Waffle

This milk tea-flavoured waffle is made from a blend of two black teas.

Hydrangea Amber Sugar

These sugar candies feature a crystalized exterior and a delicate soft interior.

Blueberry Tartlet

These tartlets are made with moist, cheese-infused dough and a tart, sweet blueberry jam filling.

Find more about Sakuraco here.

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